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I try not to discriminate against christians. I actually like them if they walk the walk.

datravland 2 Dec 22

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I guess it depends on what denomination we're talking about, and the exact perspective of the Christian. There are many who are about peace and love and tend to have a live-and-let-live approach to people, and then there are the extremely judgemental conservative Christians who meddle and want to live in a theocracy. You can find justification for all of these views in the Bible, so they're all walking the walk according to their interpretation. I like the former group, but I'm not so keen on the latter.


Sadly its a walk of ignorance into those lined up to picket soldiers' deaths in a war they've created or in line to vote for certain right wing extremists. Whether these leaders believe is immaterial. That they appease them with more false promises as they fleece them and generations to come, destroy the environment and keep us in perpetual war is painfully obvious.

I judge only as I have to but I don't discriminate. I would say I have pity for xians, and a wariness.


But they never do. The pick and choose what rules they want to follow. So when they ignor the rules they don’t like or are to hard for them to follow, yet have a problem with Non Believes I just laugh. These are the biggest hypocrites of all.


Yea, I've met a few christ-like christians and they seem like great folks. They are an extreme minority in their religion though.


So, far the Christians I have met who "walk the walk" the most I happened to meet at nudist clubs. (There is actually no prohibition against nudity in the bible. There are scriptures describing shame aobu tnduity, but nudity itself is never prohibited.).

@Wafflestomp Haven't been there... yet. Spokane is quite a ways out of hte way, and there is no short way to get there. Still the photos I've seen make it look very nice. I shouldhave grabbed a ride when they hosted the AANR-NW conference a few years ago.


I know 2 xtians who "walk the walk" as I would have identified in Jesus' intentions-my grandmother, who passed in 1987, and my sort of, "adopted" mom. She is a human angel and while devote, she focuses on the good stuff and being good to people.


I don't really care whether they "walk the walk"-- as long as they don't tell others that they have to walk their walk.


I don't discriminate vs anyone except ignore ignorant bigotry.


I mean, I guess it depends on what you mean by walk the walk. If you mean what people think the Bible says, then sure. But there's plenty in there that I don't want anybody doing.


Good idea. I have known some who appeared to be really trying to do right. And if they could agree that we would disagree on religion, then am glad to be around them.


I hold a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, was a private practice cognitive behavior therapist in Charlotte for 35 years, am an adjunct professor at Columbia College, a published author, and a curmudgeon.

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