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"Point Posters"

I'll freely admit it's mildly ironic posting a rant about the very thing I'm seemingly doing now... but here goes:

I'm a little tired of seeing posts that seem to be blatantly posted only for the sake of getting points. For example the person who I've seen just posting YouTube link after YouTube link....

Perhaps they have a different motivation but from this side it just seems some people post things with no substance but strictly do it just for the points ?

WhatsInAName 6 June 3

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Forgive a poor hick from the sticks...of what benefit are points? People seem awfully excited about earning them. Are they like S&H green stamps? See, I thought that the value here is being able to communicate with like-minded people. Doing something only for personal benefit.....we have a president like that. Don't be like Dumpster.

They're a carrot the developers dangle to keep us interacting but aside from a few things (like apparently I've seen some ppl say they received a shirt in the mail) they're just for "fun"

@WhatsInAName Each level opens up new vistas. One level enables n00bs to use chat rooms, another enables members to approve comments, another level gets one the key to the Senate, etc...




Gave ya a point. No need to thank me. ?


In my robot voice: "Must get more points" ... "I'm not good enough" ... "Ego is faltering" ... a classic method of creating involvement in something. What are we being motivated to do? Become a "God" on the site? LOL! If one has something to share then just post and forget the points.


I don't get the points thing. It seems just silly.


Speaking of irony, I'm a retired college professor and hate to admit not knowing something, but quite frankly I simply don't know the purpose behind the points anyway. Does if get one more exposure? Or is there some other reward? I always enjoyed students who wanted to excel and perhaps this is simply a way to do that?

It's a carrot the developers dangle to keep us interacting but aside from a few things (like apparently I've seen some ppl say they received a shirt in the mail) they're just for "fun" ?


Oh, the "point nazi" arrived.


Don't go to the "Music, Movies, & Books" category. Some people repeatedly post links to songs/music videos

And that is bad because..

Uh, that's' one of the things that Category is for! There are also a couple of Music groups on the site (at least 4 that I know of). If you aren't interested either skip them or skip the category & find what does interest you!


Who cares why someone posts? Take the best, leave the rest.

Pook Level 5 June 4, 2018

Good idea lol


Mabey they were watching multiple utube videos (not unheard of) that inspired them and they wanted to share because they thought others might enjoy them. Some communicate here in long philosophical thoughts. Some post memes. Just like any other social platform I usually skim past things that are not interesting to me or things I have already seen posts about and let live. I usually don't watch Utube videos or click through to read articles unless the person posting it has given an explanation about it that peaks my interest.

MsAl Level 8 June 4, 2018

As for me I'm on this site because it's I also find it fun. I find it fun to get points and also fun to give points. As for what you do here I don't much care as long as you're not going out of your way to hurt anyone. I still get amassed by people who get bothered by points. It seems to make me want points even more. haha And I just gave you a few points. You're welcome


I post a lot of YT 'links', & others from Science sites I belong to. I have 2 groups, one is for science & related info & the other is Late Night bits & interesting news. You can decide if they have substance to you, but I vet everything before I post it & hope others on this site find interest in what I post, even if it's just memes! So, I don't know if I'm one of the ones you're referring to, but it surely isn't for points. That is a side effect, not a goal.

You're not; I've actually checked a bunch of yours ?


Agreed, don't see the point ... oops, coulda just hit like... I'll do that too.

Tomas Level 7 June 4, 2018

Lol punny guy


They do...


Meh, once you get halfway through level 7 the points lose their luster.

Know what you mean; I'm almost 7 but the points lost most of my attention around 5..... Lol I had to look at the points before I even commented on this site I wasn't sure where I was

I hear you. I've been standing almost still at 7.2 for a while.

@ailurophile lol I've been lvl 8 for almost a year now


Yeeeah... Wonder who you could be referring to? ? This isn't friggin' MTV.


If that's their motivation, I figure they'll burn out their fuse soon enough.


I enjoy the fluff posts, personally.

Snigger ...fluff posts ..

Yeah they're fun sometimes ?

Just noticed someone that was getting on my nerves about it and I was in a rant-y mood lol


I put up my hand for this one ! Yeah, Double points !

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