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Finished sewing my mother-of-the bride dress for my daughter Claire's wedding. Will wear it with pearls and nude nylons and shoes. It's a deep maroon double-knit woven with black and silver threads. What do you think?

Got their wedding invitations addressed and mailed. They wisely included a stamp on the RSVP envelope. Most people don't. Immediately, they got excited RSVPs back.

Claire, 28, and Matt, 33, both loved the childhood book, "Goodnight Moon." They remember their parents reading it to them. "Again!" little Claire said. "Again!"

"I love you to the stars and back," her dad told Claire when she was growing up. "I love you as big as the sky!" I told her.

That's why they chose, "Love You to The Moon and Back." Their wedding invitation is sweet and touching.

Here's Claire having her wedding dress altered. It was two sizes too big. Claire chose the wedding dress we both loved the most. She had tears of joy.

LiterateHiker 9 June 4

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Claire's father, Terry, hired a photographer from Seattle to take pictures at Claire's and Matt's wedding. In September, I will post photos of Claire and me in our dresses.

These are the pearls I'm going to wear. With all of Mom's diamond jewelry, I wanted the pearls instead. They are simple and elegant.


Congratulations and both dresses are beautiful!

Thank you so much! I should have draped my mother's opera-length pearls over the hanger before taking the picture. The pink-toned pearls look gorgeous against the deep maroon dress.


Great job I love the color and the cut.


Thank you! It's a Vogue pattern. I cut it to lightly skim my body.

The body of the dress has many pieces: front and back bodice, midriff, yoke and skirt. Matching horizontal seams was important.


happiest of all wedding wishes for families, bride, groom and guests


You have it all together. Happy Wedding!

3 must be very proud. Hop you all have a wonderful day.

Thank you.


❤❤❤ What a wonderful tribute to your girl to have made a one of a kind dress yourself. Congratulations on a job well done and all the best to all of you. xoxo

Lisa aka Qualia,
Thank you for your kind words. "What a stunning dress!" Claire said. Love my girl.


Wishing your daughter a lovely life filled with joy.

Deb57 Level 8 June 4, 2018

She's a handful.


I read and sang that to my daughter and I am sure she will for hers. Congratulations.

Sweet. I saved Claire's books for her from when she was a baby to age 14. "Goodnight Moon " is in the box.

@LiterateHiker we still have all my daughters American girl doll collection. The rocking chair we used to feed her and the little baby rocker she used to watch cartoons. We also have every child book we read to her. She is expecting this new years eve. So maybe some new traditions will be born.


Wonderful! This is touching and meaningful. With my divorce, the only piece of furniture I wanted was the rocking chair in which I nursed Claire.

At age 23, Claire made this collage on her I-phone as a Mother's Day gift. I love it. Her sweet collage is enlarged and framed, hanging on my wall.

Claire's big, goofy dog will be the ring bearer at her wedding on Sept. 15. I made a satin ring pouch to attach to Cocoa's collar.

Used leftover satin from her gypsy Halloween costume when she was 6-1/2. "That is so meaningful!" Claire, 28, replied.

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