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So, am I sitting here typing right now due only to an utterly improbable sequence of events that go all the way back to the Big Bang, and if so is it this and only this sequence of events that could have led to me, or could any other whole different sequence of events have led to some being, some organism's existence the experience of which being is the experience I call me? And, if this latter could be true, then it could be argued that I am much more inevitable than improbable for, given the evidence, what is the probability that I should be? Obviously it's 100%

FreeDave 6 June 5

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And here I am recognising your post and replying to it. I guess I'm here thanks to the big-bang but this reply is more than that. It's the problem - consciousness, this ability to look inwards and question things to a degree you demonstrated in your post. But maybe I'm jumping the gun and should only be thinking here about how we got to be who we are. Destiny, God's will, biology! Combinations of those things. Are there any more possible reasons? I think that it is very improbable you will come to be the person you are at any time before your birth but once you are born, you can take it that it was always meant to be.


There was a lot of intention that went into computers. Our infrastructure is a result of humans looking for ways to communicate to each other. We wanted to fly, to understand our universe, to study other planets... That's all taken work; intention; cooperation; and quite a bit of resistence from life itself.


You'd never know. That's the reality.

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