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God is watching over you ... And laughing his head off - Pastor mauled by giant crocodile during baptismal ceremony []

FrayedBear 9 June 5

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Might Sobek is not mocked!


that'll give the believers something to ponder about 😀


See what faith get you 😉

Sunday lunch and a burial/ memorial service.


But god saved him or at least brought him back to life right?

But not in this world.

Nope! That's the best part.... 😉


It's wrong that I'm laughing right?

Darwin Award!

"Wrong?" HELL, NO! It's HUMAN! I'm laughing with you! I'll be we ALL are!


There you go. []

Ah, my first duplicate post!


I've already posted a link to the BBC report on this.
Be interesting to compare them.

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