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Do you think it is possible to make people alive after they die ? Should we do that, if possible ?

During childhood when I lost my father, I told people that I wanna make him alive. They thought I was in shock. Things happened, I couldn't stop that. Now I think even if it was possible it would not be good to do that. Let the dead sleep, it would be too selfish to wake them up.

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I think it is possible. As long as the brain is not damaged, then science can keep it alive along with the original personality. Already, dead tissue can be rejuvenated, so i believe it will only be a matter of time

loudshirt Level 2 Dec 19, 2017

Not after they have been dead for a while and the brain has died from lack of oxygen.

However here is a hypothetical. We invent a magic machine that can bring anybody back to life would this be a good thing? I don't think so


There is no heaven and there is no hell

hiker Level 1 Dec 6, 2017

I'm sorry for your lose <3


It depends on what you mean by dead. Remember, the brain dies last (several minutes between failure of the heart and end of brainwave activity). If you mean after brain death, no.

If it is possible to estimate the exact brain design like it was before death or before it started to decompose. Must be a way through scientific calculations. This us how science works, we estimated the weight & size of the sun sitting here, we estimated the shape & behavior of an species from it's fossils, all with the help of scientific calculations.

One of the things scientists do so much better than not scientist type people is recognize their limitations. This is not to say that sometime in the far flung future we won't be able do exactly what you said, but I assure you it will happen, if it happens at all, long after any trace and/or memory of you has utterly disappeared. I admire and applaud your confidence in science, but keep in mind that we are not magicians and that the human machine is an exceedingly complex device.

We have learned a great deal and understand much more than we did even 50 years ago, but we are nowhere near being able to do what you would like to see done.


Life is a Joke.
Death is the punchline.

Why ruin a good joke?

MrLizard Level 8 Dec 3, 2017

let sleeping dogs lye


i am sure some day it will be possible but i would not understand why anyone would attempt. From the day we are born our body starts on a journey that leads to death. It is what it is.....

twshield Level 8 Dec 3, 2017

No and no.

El-loco Level 7 Dec 3, 2017

Why not ? Our body & mind are made up of atoms & molecules. So it becomes a game of puzzle we've to put back together like it was before. Practical approach might be difficult, but there has to be a way.


No, it is not possible.

wordywalt Level 8 Dec 3, 2017

Why it isn't ? Our body & mind are made up of atoms & molecules. So it becomes a game of puzzle we've to put back together like it was before. Practical approach might be difficult, but there has to be a way.


No. I don't think it's possible since the energy that was contained in your body is converted to different forms and vastly dispersed. Also, since one's consciousness dies with you, there is nothing to bring back.

Energy is converted into different forms, so revert them back. Consciousness or whatever, everything is made of atoms & molecules, so it's like a game of puzzle you've to join like it was earlier.


i had to read just to see how you meant this. my first thought was, we already do. when a heart stops beating we revive them. you are talking about digging someone up. no let them be.

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