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Anyone else get a Jehovah witness like "visit" from Scientologists?

Okay so a few weeks ago I had a knock on my front door in the evening. Getting knocks in the morning and afternoon is fairly common in our neighborhood expecially since the Jehovah Witnesses roam the neighborhood in hordes. I always ignore the door if I look out and don't recognize the person.

This time with it being so close to dinner time ( after 6) I figured it was too late for it to be Jehovah Witnesses and when I looked out and saw a woman standing there with an adorable little girl about the same age as my six year old son. I just figured ( hoped) they were selling girl scout cookies or maybe new to the neighborhood.

When I answered she sounded nice enough at first but then reached into her bag and said "I wanna talk to you about this book" and pulled out a copy of L. Ron Hubbards Dianetics.

I was quick then to say "I am probably what you would call a suppressive person."

I think she was shocked I knew enough to know what term they use and said not a word and they went on their way.
My son then was mad I didnt invite them in because he was watching through the window and wanted to play with the little girl.

I just explained to him " they were selling something I don't want to buy."

Now I am curious if they do this, and if anyone else has had an experiance such as this? I have never had that happen before in the six years I've been in my house, and neither have my parents who have lived a few houses down the street for 20 years now. I had no idea scientologists went door to door like this.

I wonder if they do it now out of desperation for converts due to the fact Catholicism is pretty rampant here.

Anyone else had an experience like this?

By Terrbeargraphix4
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Hopefully it was just a burglar using scientology as a cover story to case your house.

At least, the burglar won't try to manipulate you and continue ripping you off.

JimG Level 8 May 3, 2018

There have been a few break ins in the area, (even a home invasion) though I have a 150 lb lab rottweiler mix we keep in the house so we've never had a problem with any of that. Too bad overgrown dogs don't ward off religious zealotry as they do burglars!


Never. How very odd and creepy. I hate when religious groups use the appeal of children for marketing.

It is disgusting and child abuse no matter how they try to justify it. It is obvious they are only using children as shields to protect them from opposing view points or pray on your sympathy. I admit had the kid not been with her I wouldn't of been nice about it. I feel bad for any child that is made to do that.


I have not had this experience.

Side note, I like how you handled it!

I forgot to mention I had just finished watching an episode I had on DVR of Leah Remini's: Scientology and The Aftermath when the woman knocked...which was a funny coincidence that were I a believer in anything I might have taken it as a sign. Lol.

@Terrbeargraphix Wow! Yeah, talk about timing.


None of them come here from any religion. I think I've scared most all of them off LOL. I've never heard of a Scientologist knocking door-to-door. I read that book by the way and it was so stupid. Good comeback by the way.

Most of the Jehovah witnesses who come speak spanish and when I tell them I don't know spanish they leave. Though one of them knocked once and turned out to be a friend of his mothers and he knew her so he was polite. Then the cycle started up once again undoing all my work! Until she got mad told him "you will be denied paradise" and left.

I then put up a sign recently I made up that read " This is a religious free environment, violators will be righteously persecuted" in both english and Spanish, so no knocks in about a week since.

@Terrbeargraphix Great sign!

@SonderOpia Its the most useful use so far of the $57,000 I spent on getting my graphic design degree! Lol! Im thinking of printing more out and selling them...if only there was a market down here for it.

Borrow a chicken from @Stevil


Kinda, but it was Mormons, the Steampunk version of Scientologist.

Novelty Level 8 May 3, 2018

I do look forward to those religious folk knocking on my door, it is the chance for me to de-convert them, or re-convert them

My husband has tried with the mormons a few times. Though my husband still believes in god, he is openly anti religious and tries to convince them why he feels as he does. My patience on the other hand in trying to de-convert has checked out.

I usually give them a half hour. My objective is to plant seeds of doubt that hopefully will grow little by little.


Odd. I've never heard from a Scientologist. Everything from the ordinary list, yes. I might be tempted to invite one of them in, though. They sound like they might be fun to play with for a while.


Way to get rid of them.
& Nope, pentagram on the door to ward them off works great!??

Emme Level 7 May 3, 2018

A Scientologist knocked on my door in Arlington Texas about 30 years ago, before I had much of a clue what Scientology was. I made the mistake of talking with him and ordering a book. They've been sending me junk mail ever since, despite many attempts to get them to stop and me moving at least 9 times.


Hehe. That would be cool beavis! Aka. I wish. Same old boring shit around here.


This is really depressing. Another bunch of door knockers. My dog sucks at running off the local churches witnessing. Need a one that can intimidate door knockers. There are a bunch of earnest looking young men on bikes with neckties and suits. I don't know the denomination, but suspect, they are some kind of religious recruitment group. Thanks for the "suppressive " tip. If they decide to ignore my Beware of Dog sign. And turn out to suffer from diabetics. It will help!

Stevil Level 8 May 3, 2018

I had to re-read your comment.

The way I read it the first time, it sounded like your dog was running off to join local churches.

@DeeTee if they pet him he will join them .I'm learning to read any reply. I make on my phone.


Dante's inferno will put religious people in one of the deepest circles.... Scientologists will be buried way under


Well handled! Kudos to you.

Thank you!


This would be where I keep a necklace of garlic cloves handy!


This is crazy, first I hear of it. I'd think I would of listened to see what they had.

thebinx Level 3 Nov 7, 2018


Emme Level 7 May 21, 2018

I have a no proselytizing sign on my door. If they push it I usually tell them I will take their book if they will take mine and yell back into my house for someone to bring me a spare Neronomicon.

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