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What songs make you happy?

For me, it's:

10cc I'm Mandy Fly Me
Asleep at the Wheel Jumpin' at the Woodside
REO Speedwagon Riding the Storm Out

I hear these and I just smile and tap my feet and crank the volume

Now you. Have fun.

jwd45244 7 June 5

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Anything by Pink Floyd and/or David Gilmour, and anything by David Bowie.


That's a bit special, works for me.

This one makes me cry sometimes. I love it.

John Denver seems so genuine and his voice is pure. I love his singing and really like the song,
Perhaps Love. Thanks for sharing this.


Grateful Dead music, songs like "Itchycoo Park," some Allman Bros. tunes such as "Blue Sky."

Yes, truckin' works by Grateful Dead 🙂 Never played them before either, this site is a real education!

I am with you on that selection, , daylily, also Happy by Rolling Stones and Red,red wine byBob Marley


Feelin' Groovy ~ Simon & Garfunkel


John Prine is great

AH that's great! Lols.


Forgot this one.

I was going to say this one! You know this is one of the few songs I never get tired of. It always gives me a grin


And she was by Talking Heads.
Terrapin station and Touch of Grey by Grateful Dead.
Cursum Perficio by Enya especially when driving to fast on an empty highway.
Immigrant Song especially as performed by Ann Wilson.
Fever Ray - The Wolf, very below.
Oh yea, I had to edit this post to add Annie Lennox into the West.

Love me some Talking heads. Burning down the house!


Groovin by Lovin Spoonful,
Coconut Harry Nilsson


Don't Worry Be Happy.



I stay happy in general ???


"I Feel Good" James Brown
"Brown Eyed Girl" Van Morrison
"Happy" Pharrell Williams

lerlo Level 8 Apr 16, 2019

Pretty much anything by 2cellos.


Anything by Wilco, David Bowie, The Beatles, Prince and The Band.


Too many to list. Check out what I post in the music group, everything I put there makes me happy 🙂

But in the spirit of the question this gives me goosebumps every time, it's a 'YES!!!!' moment every time I hear it.

ipdg77 Level 8 June 16, 2018

Oh I love that one too.


Nice lyrics, I'd never really, 'heard' it before.

@girlwithsmiles That's the short version. But it always inspires me.


The Rose - Bette Midler.

I find good meaning to many songs most would call sad.


The ones l like. ☺


Rock Lobster. The B-52s. Probably because it makes no sense. Catchy and annoys everyone around you.


"Come On Eileen," Dexy's Midnight Runners; "Children of the Sun," Billy Thorpe; "Brass in Pocket," The Pretenders; "Industrial Disease," Dire Straits

Industrial Disease! Wow — I'd forgotten that! "Send in another victim of industrial Disease — haha!" ?

Thanks for Industrial Disease,. I had forgotten about it and listened again for the first time in several years. Revisiting Love Over Gold, especially Telegrsph Road has made for s delightful period of entertainment. Thank you


Margaritaville... Parrothead theme song... then Basie's "APRIL IN PARIS"... one mo one.

Tomas Level 7 June 6, 2018

Songs I wrote and continue working on the music. Two languages, half a century... so much to write about. Happy, happy.

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