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Costco is the cheapest, and convenient.(if there's one in your area)


Ah yes, the 'religious freedom' to discriminate. We are getting so fucked up.


He should have been fired by the Walgreen's chain.


Thanks for posting. I get my meds from Walgreens and it's time to change. I need to around and see what policies the other pharmacies have in place. Has anyone on here had experience with this?


I know that citing this as a source makes me a geek (and I really don't care about that), but at a very young age, I remember watching a Star Trek episode, where Kirk told a crewman to "Leave his bigotry in his quarters - there was no place for it on the bridge". Even as a little kid, who was raised in a household with at least one racist parent, I saw this, heard it, understood it (as best as a little kid can) and incorporated it into my life.

Now, as far as I can see, this isn't an issue of racism - it's one of religious intolerance. So I still think back to that scene in Trek, written in 1967, and ask myself 'why can't they leave their religious beliefs in their homes? why take it into a place of work and force it on other people?'

I don't think I belong in this time-line.


What an asshat. He needs to go work someplace else, it's not his right to refuse a medically mandated prescription submission from a physician. Not that it's any of his buisness but what if a customer had been taking prescribed b.c. for an issue like a hormone imbalance, or for moderate acne issues, or so on? So infuriating to read that. >_<


This article is a year old. I wonder how it played out.

dkp93 Level 7 June 6, 2018

Asshat needs to find a new job.

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