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Well, now that I’m here, I might as well jump into the fray. I think that all ideologies, not just religion, suffer from trying to make the world conform to a set of ideals that does not necessarily match reality. I was in education for several years and the watch word for teaching in the classroom was evidence-based—in other words doing what works. I think we have lost good old American pragmatism in this country. So many of our fellow citizens are so hung up on their tribal beliefs that they are oblivious to the consequences of those beliefs—like global warming, and overpopulation, and downright inhumanity to man. I think some religious teachings are altruistic and experienced-based, but the basic premise is based on fable. The thing is that religion and ideology are comforting in that someone else does the thinking for us. As Eric Barker says in one of his blogs, we have lazy brains. Our neural pathways are set, and it take effort to change our thinking. We freethinkers have the harder path since we must observe and analyze and test and retest and all of this takes work. Your thoughts?

mikej75 5 Dec 24

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Gotta be pragmatic, even when you're not American.


I am in awe. May I add my thanks for what you do.


I don't believe that we have the harder path. Instead, I feel that we have the more exciting path, often lit with the joy of discovery. I also believe that we are more realistic and more often correct than the ideologue. We see things as they are, not through the blinders of ideology.


I completely agree. being dyslexic at school just made me hate school and the teachers just treated me as factory fodder really unlike the top 10% of the seemingly clever kiss ass children. I know this also because I'm good at art so for one lesson a week I kind of swapped places in the who should be taught and who should be put up with stakes. I also went to college to do catering and had a two-hour English lesson every week which I loved and I learned so much.

Good for you. I taught English to middle and high school girls for 9 years. We are different learners, and it's up to the teacher to adapt his or her style--not the other way around. Happy to see you survived a bad school experience and kept on learning.

it taught me how to learn and now I yearn for information.


Recently, I was thinking of all the different sub cultures that exist.
Religions, drugs, sex, nerds, crime, sports , bars, guns, environmental ,music...etc etc etc. Some good, some goes on and on
The list is endless ,so it seems.
There is a niche for everyone
. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone and it isn't forced on anyone. So be it.

I'm a live and let live kind of guy. Like you said, I'm okay as long as no one is getting hurt in any way.


I don't understand your use of the word ideology in this instance as you use global warming and overpopulation as examples. Are you saying that those two subjects are a part of a system of ideas and ideals without evidence? Are you saying that they like religion are based on fable and not on science? I have read numerous books and thought long and hard about both subjects and I can't see where either is based on fable. Perhaps I misunderstand you.

gearl Level 7 Dec 24, 2017

Maybe my examples were not on the mark. I think I was getting at people who will ignore facts and evidence when it conflicts with their beliefs. Perhaps a better example would be a strict interpretation of the Bible precludes evolutionary theory or even the age of the earth.

Overpopulation ... do we need less people? Or more fair distribution of resources?


Morning! If some ideologies suffer from unrealistic goals, surely others provide reachable goals for those who follow said ideology. Maybe let's pick apart, say, the ideology of The American Dream! Your statements seem very applicable to this!

I think some teachings and religions and philosophies provide good lessons for life. It's just that all ideas come from man or woman, not from a made-up being.


Again, right there with you but arriving by different paths. Ideologies can and are very dangerous, especially most of the abrahamic sects who want to convert or kill everyone else...even those who worship the same insane god.

If a scientist disproves a scientific theory, he/she is awarded a Nobel Prize. If someone shows a religious idea to be false, he/she is hanged or worse.


Ok... im with you. Your not alone as far as being a teacher. Just about everyone of us have some good comments and posts on their lifes travels. Im learning everyday. Thanks for your post. Look around and you'll feel right at home.

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