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If science creates artificial life is that a new religion?

As scientists move ever closer to synthesising DNA and creating complex cells and possibly more, does that kill god or create a new religion? What will life created be?

By Josephine7
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It only "kills god" if you define god as human ignorance.

ldheinz Level 7 July 3, 2018

Finding out what really causes lightning, earthquakes, floods, famine and disease did not kill God, so when the day comes that Scientists create living reproducing cells from chemicals won't either. Like always the Theists will just make up new interpretations that God in his wisdom guided mankind to be able to learn and do this. I expect we will soon find crude different life forms already existing in this solar system, or remnants of them. And we already know now how common water is in our solar system. We may even find crude life forms on planets around other stars too. Finding life like us is very unlikely. The Theists are always free to say Allah did it, or Yahweh did it, or Krishna did it, or just God did it. They need their dreams.


If there is profit to be made I am sure there will be corporate sanctioned mass.

RoseyRose Level 6 June 13, 2018

It will be called science.

Maestro Level 4 June 10, 2018

Gee, what did the cavemen believe?

IAJO163 Level 7 June 10, 2018

Only if they have an artificial god to believe in.

fishline79 Level 7 June 10, 2018

The biggest theological problem would probably be with regard to the Soul. Greek word psyche defines the soul as the breath of god being breathed into the human. A similar circumstance with Ruarch, the Hebrew word for the same (sort of!). This would probably kick off a marathon debate regarding when, if it all, is the soul introduced to the body.The doctrinal implications for Christianity would be immense. Is a synthesised human soul-less? Are they therefore less than human? If they are deemed to be without a soul are they to be considered able to be resurrected? If not, how are they to be accepted within doctrine. MAry Shelley with the help of husband Percy presented such a creature to the world. My feeling is, for Christianity at least, this creates a major theological conundrum to outdo the Arian Controversy that lasted for most of C400. All this is, of course, a theological debate with an outcome that should not concern us, other than the potential to create great harm for those who may be deemed to be without the touch of God, pariahs, Outsiders.

Geoffrey51 Level 8 June 10, 2018

No. It's what it is. Artificial Life, nothing more.

Gigantes Level 2 June 10, 2018

It will just be new life. The act in itself will not be forming a new religion. If someone comes along and creates a set of beliefs based off of creating artificial life, then you have a religion. Still, that is a separate act than the act of creating it itself.

Kenny82 Level 6 June 10, 2018

Since belief in things easily proven false is so common, why should adding a few new facts to the mix change anything?


Religion is about a belief (faith) in something that cannot be proven as factual using the scientific method. (How can we "kill god" when there isn't one to begin with?) Science, on the other hand, is about well-tested, provable facts. So, it only follows that if we create new life, it wouldn't become a new religion.

well said

@Josephine just saw on cnn robot whorehouses they all looked like high school cheerleaders


Not unless some fool makes one.


for starters facts and science don't change the minds of the indoctrinated, or we would already be teaming with atheist in the population. as far as the religion thing, would it not be the life humans created. that need to start a religion worshiping us? it sounds like you have it backwards. or its the way you wrote it. as far as what life will it be? likely simple cells. complexed life takes time unless we develop artificial intelligence through technology.


Can you have a religion based on something that can be demonstrated?

ScubaWags Level 7 June 9, 2018

Like any other religion, a new one can only be started by people. If there are people out there crazy enough to found a religion based on man-made life, then there will be one. And it will be tax-exempt!


If scientists come knocking at my door in pairs, I may be glad of my hammer collection...

Holysocks Level 7 June 9, 2018

Are you asking if the newly created life will create it's own religion?

jlynn37 Level 8 June 9, 2018


ronodokk Level 5 June 9, 2018

Unfortunately, it probably will.

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