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I feel like a walking contradiction. If I don't like something somebody has said or done, I sometimes catch myself saying "God Help You if your mom/wife/mates/whoever else know about that".

I'm not religious at all but it is just a well ingrained figure of speech. Is there anything wrong with this?

bf9baller 3 Dec 25

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8 many of us were brainwashed as kids. I say "God, Lord, etc." in sentences all the time. It's just part of our vernacular. Over time, religious words will become part of our speech lexicon whether people believe in a religion or not.


No. It's our common language. No religion owns those expressions.

skado Level 8 Dec 25, 2017

Just a figure of speech. Don't beat yourself up about it. I wouldn't get tangled up about it in a war of wits either just because someone wants to play the obtuse game.


No, there's nothing wrong with this. It's a cultural thing, it's learned. I say "Jesus Christ" all the time when I'm pissed off.

I say it too. Or, "Oh my god."

"Jesus F'ing Christ!" 😛

@bingst Yeah, I do that a lot too. 🙂


No. I suppose it could be an issue if you actually believed in god, but clearly you don't. So who cares?


Not at all.

We talk of Wednesday, which is named after the Norse god Wotan. It doesn't mean we believe in Wotan, or worship him.

Christians using the word 'god' doesn't mean they suddenly get exclusive rights to that word, and that no-one else has the right to utter it.

I'm John. Me being John doesn't mean I can dictate when other people may or may not utter the name 'John'.

So if you want to use christians' own words right back at them, and say, 'God help you, you evangelical dingbat! Jesus Christ you're an idiot!' then you have every right to do so.



no, your sins are absolved


well, I say, Jesus, before I ejaculate. is that the second coming?

Haha that's the funniest shit I've heard all week!


Ha ha good one... thanks for sharing

Oh my god! lmao

well I wasn't planning on sharing Angela but what the HELL lol


Is just repeating what we heard all our lives....I use a lot but more like : oh my fucking god..when frustrated...


Not much more than... Fuck you or fuck me as a response to dickheads/retards/people talking crap when you want no literal sexual contact with them. I personally avoid it but don't make a big deal out of god damn it and stuff.


I'll just add that I have this same problem with sports metaphors, as I can't stand sports. 😛

That's right...out of the park! hehe


I tell people to go to hell all the time.


Well, you answered it yourself. Its just ingrained. This is the case for all who are ex believers. Also, the amount of such figure of speech you are exposed to through films, TV, social media is so huge. Eg. OMG. It's a case of conditioning I believe. Nothing to worry about.


I have a bad habit of saying thank God when something goes right that I thought was going to go wrong , I also say Oh God and God Allmighty


Naw... it's just a knee jerk reaction of a vocal come back. Your going loose it the more your aware of it.


I do it myself when frustrated orvsurprised... oh my god... tends to exit my lip s it then makes me laugh...I wouldn't worry if I were you ... god with a small thing


I’d try to curb it, especially as you’re aware of it… As I’ve worked for many years to remove ‘god’ or ‘jesus-christ’ from my cuss-word lineup, a funny thing’s happened, within that milia-second it takes to turn ‘god dammit’ into Dog-damit ..I’ll often lighten up ..just enough to either smile, or say nothing.

Now if you’re simply responding in a conversation ..that should be easy… My mother says something like, ‘it’s not that they cuss, it’s their lack of creativity!’ So, less predictable - more creative 😀

Varn Level 8 Dec 25, 2017

I often realize that I've just muttered, "lord have mercy," especially when someone is being irritating. I have decided to roll with it, and use all the godly phrases as much and as blasphemously as possible. It can be rather cathartic.


I still say Jesus fucking christ, OMG, godbless you (when someone sneezes) and holy shit. Hard to get it out of your system.


All that is telling everyone is that it's an environmental issue. (you're a product of your environment, like we all are) I say OMG, but it's a simple figure of speech. Not praise to an invisible deity. Most people say it absent-mindedly. Bottom line: don't sweat the small stuff.

ParkS Level 4 Dec 25, 2017

Jesus H. Christ, no !


I don't think you are alone in that. The tendency to call on god conversationally is just linguistic conditioning. Nothing to worry about ?


Totally natural. I still can't shake using religious epithets as a lifelong agnostic who began my "escape" from my evangelical fundamentalist theist environment in my teens.

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