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Do you like being outside?

By DianeFitzRobin4
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Of what?

JeffMesser Level 7 June 13, 2018

outside of being indoors which has artificial light and typically stale air


Of what ???

VAL3941 Level 8 June 13, 2018

out of doors, not inside of building or other structures

So my answer is " Yes "

0 you know something I don't?? ???

Hitchens Level 8 June 14, 2018

Jokes aside..I like indoors and outdoors...depends on etc

@Hitchens that's fair


I prefer it.

birdingnut Level 8 June 14, 2018

I am a mosquito magnet, so being outside is typically not an enjoyable experience for me

GwenC Level 7 June 13, 2018

oh, how painful GwenC


Not particularly. I'm hypersensitivity to heat so can't do anything active when it's over about 80. I also have super pale skin which fries in about ten minutes. So I would much rather be indoors most of the time.

ladyprof70 Level 7 June 13, 2018

I see why you prefer this ladyprof70

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