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Summer’s coming, what’s your favorite hobby?

Fishing, hiking, and campfire socializing.

By ImpressionistMe5
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Raising and releasing Monarch and Swallowtail butterflies ?

MikeEC Level 7 June 15, 2018

The size of those Monarchs are awesome.


Backpacking. Camping. Campfire, s'mores, beer ..yah that's all I need.

Iamkratom Level 6 June 15, 2018

Avoiding the heat, humidity, and excessive sun.

Interesting hobbies. smile007.gif

@bingst By avoiding the heat, humidity, and excessive sun I have time for my quilting and other crafts. I spend more time outside in spring and fall.


Avoiding the crippling heat in Texas. It is a popular hobby down here. ☺

Sticks48 Level 9 June 15, 2018

@Stacey48 Share away! ☺

@Stacey48 LOL, We played in Phoenix years ago. It was 112 in the daytime. I walked out of the bar to get some fresh air while on break and a sign across the street said 101, at midnight!

@Stacey48 I already miss winter. Fall is my favorite. It lasts about three days in Central Texas.


Come rain, snow, or sunshine, I'm a tabletop gamer and am most at home sitting around a table with some friends - making up stuff and rolling dice. Most of my other hobbies are peripheral to gaming - reading gaming books and ideas for stories that other people came up with, collecting and painting miniatures, brainstorming modifications to rules, etc.

But I can't do that all the time, so I do other stuff, too. This summer I'm doing a lot of traveling - meeting up with long-distance friends and checking out the sites in other parts of the country. I've been spending a good amount of time on planes and in terminals, so I'm reading more. I also do some computer gaming - mostly RPGs and puzzle games.

I love camping, hiking, and all that outdoorsy stuff, but I don't seem to get around to it as often as I used to. My cousin and I installed a fire pit in my backyard a few weeks ago, so that'll do in a pinch


TRYING to keep at least comfortable. I’m not too successful. Florida.

kltuckmn Level 7 June 15, 2018

I love the outdoors, so I get happy when the weather gets warm. I like hiking, camping, going on photo expeditions, or just laying by the pool with a cold beer!


Love being outside, hiking camping and if I had my garden I'd be out in it all day

Sheannutt Level 9 June 15, 2018

Metal festivals! ??

goldrose Level 7 June 15, 2018

Not working!




Hiking, Hiking, Hiking..... and traveling to new locations....
also, photography and gardening



JimG Level 8 June 15, 2018

Oh, how I long for a good bonfire!


☀️ Burning ☀️


Sweating...It's not at all my favorite, but I do it more than anything else...

twitch Level 6 June 15, 2018

That sounds hot.



Taking the top off and going for a drive.


sudo su
apt-get update -y
apt-get upgrade -y

Squirrel Level 7 June 15, 2018

I like to sit in my car with the airconditioning on full, while drinking Vodka and listening to NPR.


I love going to Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio, but not this year, due to financial as well as health issues. smile003.gif

mickeyrom Level 4 June 15, 2018



Scuba diving, boating, swimming, and inventing new curse words for the mosquitoes that chase me inside every day

Emerald Level 7 June 15, 2018

Avoiding sunlight and heat until autumn arrives.



Riding mg bicycle ?

VAL3941 Level 8 June 15, 2018




UrbanIndie Level 4 June 15, 2018


@Donotbelieve thank you


Swimming at night or when there's a canopy over the pool (I burn like a vampire even with sunscreen so my doctor said I can only swim or be outside in indirect sunlight) and camping.

We used to go camping every summer, until my accident. It was so wonderful, but we haven't gone in prolly 8 years now. I miss it, but it's so much work.

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