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I have around five thousand Facebook friends. I now find that this site is more rewarding.

Since I've written books and have Facebook pages on them, I can't close my account unless I get someone else to take the pages over.

I'm definitely not asking anyone to take my pages over and will keep my Facebook account open, BUT I won't spend much time there and give my time here.

I'm finding you folks wonderful and it's more affirming of my particular cosmology, well, whaT-everrrrrrrrrrrr (my best Valley Goil'😉

rabbibubba 5 Dec 26

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I have less than 100, and I was told that was a sign of a fake or scam account 🙂 I also find the level of posting here more to my liking.


Could your publisher take over your book pages?


What I found very annoing you can't deleted your facebook account,only deactivate. I deleted all data,friends and information from fb which would link to me,all because job I am doing. I love this website.

To Rabbibubba - I think you get wrong impression about me.


I use Facebook for birthdays and to keep track of local events (and bitching about politics in short form but twitter is just as good for that). The feeling is mutual.


I personally think FB is destructive for society because of all the collection and manipulation of data, and the monetization of the platform.

It definitely comes with its devils advocate.


5,000 fb friends?!? Actually, I haven't counted mine, but I think it is several hundred. I just saw a fascinating neuro-science/psychology clip on youtube that points to a lot of evidence that our human frontal cortexes limit our ability to sustain "meaningful" relationships to around 150 people, give or take 50 or so. So FB "friends" are really a misnomer. Cyber-chats can develop into true friendships, but generally do not without extra effort. That reminds me, I have a first date coming up. Wish me luck. LOL

His list is also for other means than actual friendship. I get what your saying though, I think. I draw a very thin line between friends and what are really acquaintances. I never came all that close to 200. But since the last election I've cut 3/4 of my list out. I'm under 30, and would consider most of them acquaintances. I'm fairly certain my shares fall on death ears and blind minds 🙂

Facebook has become nothing more than an "I've got a better life than you" site...I detest it and feel like it's only good for political activism or pics if you're inclined to share them.


Be wherever makes you most happy. I got angry and frustrated on FB myself. Barely on these days.


I can definitely relate! I joined just a couple months back, and I used to spend quite a bit of time on FB. Not so anymore. This site is a lot more interesting to me. 🙂

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