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LINK Jeff Sessions cites Romans 13, a Bible passage used to defend slavery, in defense of family separations - The Washington Post

As much as I hate what they are doing to these helpless children I think it is also important to point out that we cannot lose site of this blatant disregard of our Constitution's Separation of Church and State" Whenever someone in the government cites biblical reference to a law, that law must be immediately be rescinded as it is in direct conflict with the Constitution they seem to want to defend every single day. This is getting more and more prevalent and I believe it is being done consistently to make it the new norm in this country. I should also add that there isn't a law that says children must be removed from their parents at the border, it is a policy that was put in place by the Trump administration. But it still holds true for not citing religious writings in law or policy.

AmelieMatisse 8 June 15

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The concept of separation of church and state is a simple one. Baffling that we still have to hear this crap!


I really feel for you all in US. How long before you can get these maniacs out of office?


What's even worse about the message that Sessions gave when he said this, was the maliciously sadistic look of glee on his face. He has this look whenever he talks about what he's going to do to those "evil" illegal immigrants. The sooner the current administration leaves office, the better off we'll be. It's going to take decades to fix the damage done by this administration.


First, it was not a law but a Trump admin policy (a way of choosing how to enforce existing laws)
Second the law is not based on the Bible, nor is the Policy
They used the Passage to justify the unjust immorality of that policy.

@AmelieMatisse WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many, trumps numbers went UP. Think about that. 45% approval rating on seperating kids from parents and not giving them any way of getting them back or even keeping track of where they are OR allowing anyone to see or know what the situation is with the kids in question.

When they came for the Jews, I did not worry I was not Jewish.
When they came for the Blacks I did not worry, I was not Black.
When they came for gays I did not worry, I was not Gay.
When they came for me, no one was left.

@Davesnactually numbers niise-dived, with less than 30% approval of these me some hope, i guess.

@AnneWimsey I don't see division, his approvals went up after. A few individuals spoke up, while the news talks about governors refusing to send NG troops to aid in such efforts, my local Gov says exactly the opposite, PROUD to aid the POTUS.


Last night: ICE is shopping for a FOURTH facility to house children of " tender years"....under 5!
And why cannot they all be housed as a family? Camp mattresses & space blankets go anywhere!

I heard that if they housed the families together, it would cost the taxpayers about $275.00 per person per night. Housing them all separately costs about $775.00 per person per night. This is just another example of how the current administration seems to be attempting to turn the US into a Third World Nation.


The whole thing is about black mail to get a border wall built! Rump is determined to get his wall built even if he has to kill to get it!

and insisting on the 25 billion prce tag UP FRONT from US


Day after day it is difficult not to wish ill on him and Trump.


Day after day it is difficult not to wish ill on him and Trump.


I honestly don't know that I could face-palm myself with enough force to display the sense of frustration,anger and,I think,despair that this makes me feel.


This is the same idiot that thinks people who smoke weed are horrible people.


The line between church & state, the very cornerstone of our country, is eroding, with incredible speed!
Donate to the ACLU, write your elected "representatives", and VOTE...not voting is accepting this horrible trend!


Sessions should be charged with violating the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and removed from office. I hope the ACLU files a suit against him. Of course, if he is found guilty, Trump would just pardon him!


Sarah Huckleberry Sanders also cited the Bible in a response to a journalist. Ever hear of SEPARATION of CHURCH and STATE. It seems these religious fanatics seldom if ever complete the citation.

They're testing the waters.

Didn't Hitler do the same thing? He "wrapped himself in the flag while holding a bible", as the saying goes.


Any excuse to evoke Trumps will on the masses, wait a minute is that you and me? We are next if this person has his way with the country! Anyone who disagrees will be a target...


Jeff Sessions is a disgusting dotard but i prefer the to pronounce it another way that may violate community standards 


The separation of church and state has been exchanged for the separation of Science and state logic and State empathy and State Justice and State. Logic empathy and justice do not serve the goals of these evil people.


Sessions is currently the top Law Enforcement officer in the country. He should be making his decisions based on law. Not on his interpretation of a Biblical verse or any other religion for that matter.


WOW! I missed that when it first aired. It's amazing how he can get a message across with just the truth and a little humor.


As pointed out last night on The Late Show by Steven Colbert, the passage quoted is completely different a few paragraphs later. I will see if I can get the clip. As with most biblical quotes, they contradict each other within the same books.

even the way they are using them seems a stretch. you don't even have to look for the contradictions.

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