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The day I jump to attention when this dickwad appears........let's just say I hope he holds his breath until then!


I would like him to lead and not destroy our country

Marine Level 8 June 16, 2018

But since Trump is now blessed by the all mighty, all christians must surrender their loyalty now , not to the Trinity , rather the foursome , God, son , holy spirit and yes, the one and only god of all, Trump

EMC2 Level 8 June 16, 2018

all commodes in the United States are now oval offices.



"His" people? Although Americans are quickly losing freedoms and Trumpass wants to be dictator/president for life (which, given his health, would not be long but any length of time is too long with him), we still do have the right to say, "Up yours, dude--you do not own me."


He sounded as if he considered us his employees and we're obligated to OBEYYYY!

You are too kind! I interpreted his words as him wanting to be a dictator.

his policies in the white house making them watch fox only and taking phones he sees himself as king

@Gwendolyn2018 No, I'm not "kind" at all! He was passing it off as a ''joke." We ALL know he's serious. I can easily imagine him presiding at executions of those who disobeyed.

@LucyLoohoo My comment was facetious. Of course he is serious, but I think it extends beyond an employer to employee scenario to his desire to be a dictator--and I am not kidding about that!

@Gwendolyn2018 In my fantasy, we all oil up the GUILLOTINE and begin to drain the swamp ourselves. Let's not begin with the GROPER! Let's let him wriggle, squirm and urinate on himself for awhile. (Wonder if Melania might like to take a turn at dropping the blade?)

@LucyLoohoo I used to fantasize about unicorns frolicking in a meadow--I still do, but their horns are put to better use than being ornamental.


Herr Trump wants the unearned obedience from Americans that mimics what Kim receives from his people through fear and intimidation. Herr Trump is a dictator who is a POS and I will never give him an ounce of respect. No fuckin way he is my presidente.

I echo your sentiments.


im not one if 'his' people. I'm American.


I'll bet he will look great in an orange jump suit.

it'll be like an orange Teletubby with a pouty face.

@hankster That would be terrific. I miss the teletubbies.

@nicknotes they were pretty


Did he change his hair to look like Un?


Not just narcissistic, he means it. It's like when he holds a cabinet meeting and they go around the table praising him. I still can't believe that when I see it.

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