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Good for her!!!! We all need to be vigilant and speak up or the Trump administration will turn us into Nazi Germany!!!


I will never understand how anyone can just "follow orders" and harass innocent people for a fucking job.

It happened in Germany in the 1930s,

@HippieChick58 Yep and many other places too.


That's really cool. I must admit I don't know my rights well enough.


We should all be very afraid. I speak with an accent so I am just waiting to be stopped at some point. But then again I am white so maybe that won't happen, right ???


Damn fine citizen, this gal!


Good for her.


Fuck yes! She's my hero!


It's amazing how rapidly ICE has been turned into the Gestapo. I guess all it takes is a so-called president with dictator ambitions and a complacent attorney general.


Good information.

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