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Agree or disagree: what doesn't kill us makes us stronger?

Does it make us stronger - or break us down to go through personal hardships?

silvereyes 8 Dec 27

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I strongly disagree with this saying. There are too (please, notice how I know the difference between "to" and "too". I've seen the misuse of "to" TOO many times!) many people who are walking around with big issues due to circumstances that "didn't kill them" and those same circumstances didn't "make them stronger".


Is both acceptable?

There is a vast difference between catching a cold and contracting an incurable disease...

I'm still "both". Grief, from death of loved ones to times of great adversity, I feel have made me stronger.

So may of my peers have not been so fortunate...insanity, suicide, the slow death of addiction,...


I know that my experiences with depression have helped me to be more mindful and empathetic of the suffering of others. I'm not sure whether or not it has made me stronger, but there has been at least a little positive come of it.


What doesn't kill us can cripple us. But we can gain different kinds of strength from different kinds of pain.


Maybe several individual hardships over a short period of time can cause death.


That depends on whether or not it's something from which we can learn a lesson, no? I mean, yes, if you survive a disease, you gain immunity to it, and that makes you stronger in a way; and the same goes for when you feed yourself small doses of poison in order to develop a resistance to it. But most of the time, the essential criterion is learning from what happened to you.


I agree! Turn your negatives in to positive energy


Yes and no. There are a lots of tough times in our lives where can look back and maybe indentify ways in which we have grown from that time. However, something like Dementia doesn't Kill you, and almost certainly doesn't make you stronger. 'what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger' is one of those sayings which sound good. But clearly isn't always entirely accurate


When we handle traumatic hardships gracefully. We often move to a higher energy level. If we don't, we weaken.


Does it make us stronger? Yes. We learn as we go through life.
Does it break us down to go through personal hardships? I think certain remarks can open old wounds that people haven't healed from. They have flash backs of abuse and hardship. Some people have post traumatic stress disorder on this forum and come here to get away from pain. Mean answers can cause harm to people and they stop coming here. My answer is yes, but that pain may open the door for them to search for a cure. Both questions can produce a positive effect in people. That's my take on these questions.

@silvereyes. Thank you...


Unless it's an ongoing physical condition...I agree with @MsOliver and @resserts.


I think it's not literally true, as we can be physically weakened by illness or injury, but the figurative meaning holds true: if we aren't destroyed, the experience adds to who we are and enriches us. I think this is in line with what Nietzsche meant.


I almost drowned because I didn't know how to swim so I learned. I almost died in a car crash so I became a safer driver. I'm a troublemaker at times so I learned to keep my mouth shut.No doubt, stronger and wiser 😛

SamL Level 7 Dec 27, 2017
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