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In what way if any do your use the Copernican principle in your life?

engineer_in_nj 6 Dec 27

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In a hundred years, it will mean nothing. We will mean nothing.

Pass the butter.


To all who think you are not the center of the universe, Hubble expansion would like to prove you wrong as it shows that we are each the center of our own universe and, collectively, the earth is the center of our observable universe.


I am not the center of the universe.The world and the universe do not revolve around me. I am not the center of attention.


Assuming you mean more than just heliocentricity or even general astronomy? I mostly ignore it, as my world, my perspective is centered around me, I am the centre of its influence, my influence does not spread very far and is non existent are areas even slightly removed from me, and the more distant other things, mostly, the less they influence my activities. I tend to do things in a small way, I do what I believe is right for me to do but concentrate locally.


how would anyone use this in their life?


Use it? I'm not certain I ever do. Believe it? Definitely though we're "getting better", or were.

Its been a long time since we sent probes outside our little neck of the universal woods and we couldn't communicate with them very long...was that back in the 60s? Already?

OR am I missing some finer point of the question?


Copernican principle? What's that?


DERRRRRRRRRRRRRP.... whats that? The principle that everything revolves around me?

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