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You got a secret crush on this forum. How many?

Theres some beautiful ladies out there that easy to comment. Then theres some pretty ladies in here that don't want your They just want to be heard or vent and they're not really looking for an opinion or your I been clobbered a couple of times. BTW...every body in here is beautiful...

BucketlistBob 8 June 19

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No crushes on here yet. I have a crush at work, but chances are slim to none. Lol.


Not yet. There are some interesting people that might be nice to meet though.


If I am allowed to copy-paste Shelton's words: "Not so much a crush as an interest!"
There are at least 3, who are not only pretty but (according to this site's method) also "compatible".



Great responses! And very insightful question!!!

I agree.


All of my crushes are secret. Circumstances make meeting difficult.

Wrytyr Level 7 June 19, 2018



I’ve got a semi-secret crush here, not secret to her, though.



yes... but probably more no more than 15 or 20 actual crushes. lots of very Charming women on the site.


I joined for the community, and friends. Both are going really well. A crush? Well lets just say I'm trying to stay strong.

Well alrighty...


Not dating, but if I was there are one or two that are really fun to talk to..flirting is ok anyway.



There are lovely-looking women here and intelligent ones too. I think intelligence in a woman is very sexy. I think they all live far too far away to even think of a relationship. Plus I'm 63 and I wonder am I kidding myself. I'm separated for more than 2 years now and I think I'm too used to having all my time to myself to do justice to a partner. So I stick to the discussions.

Whatever works for you brother...

@BucketlistBob It's the best I can make of the situation, Bob.

@brentan i understand brother.... im not making a statement.... i can't say a thing about what a person should or shouldn't do.... maybe my answer was to bold and ill change it to ... ok , good for you.

@BucketlistBob No problem, Bob, no need to change it.

I just want to say that 63 is way too young to give up on relationships and sex...just be yourself and keep active...keep learning and keep an open mind...we are not meant to give up so easily..

@thinktwice That was a kind reply. I’ll keep it in mind. I would be very interested (without pressing you on it) what you meant by ‘keep learning’ in this situation.


I have a few crushes, I also have blocked a few douches to make a clearer path for the good guys.

Thank you! @CoastRiderBill Xoxo ♥


@CoastRiderBill. Dont be i love it.

LOL you know that's still going to be a crowded path.


IDK about crushes but there are a lot of people here I enjoy talking with.


Oh boy...

Bamboo? Bamboozled!

Lol...ha ha.


No secret crushes. Just keeping my eyes, ears, tongue, fingers, nose on standby.

I am with you on this.


@CoastRiderBill What? If you have a secret crush, great! No need to judge me just because I don't.

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