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You ever pay the 10% church tithes?

Before i became agnostic... we looked around for a big church... my wife belonged to that olstene mega church in houston. I think tbats the church. That sucker was huge. Anyway, I just followed her around to keep her happy. Anyway we looked at this Baptist church in lake Charles. After awhile they had asked how much we made so they could get an idea on the money coming in. I never went back...

By BucketlistBob8
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Catholic church depends in tithes to pay sex abuse lawsuits. I don't think it's a coincidence that without the "hes" the word says "tit".



How do you milk sheep?

ldheinz Level 7 June 19, 2018

That's good... lol.


Donating is a good idea when you have the surplus, but never to a church, because they are usually used only to make the pastors richer (in some denominations, at least).Donate to a respected and honest charity, for example, such as MSF (Médecins Sans Frontiére).

rsabbatini Level 6 June 24, 2018

And I thought only LDS does that.

No, they don't pass a collection plate in sacrament meeting, its online tithing in the modern day


Those tithes could end world hunger.

Hanibalz Level 2 June 20, 2018



When we were church going in one of our churches we tithed. I wish I had that money back now.

That sure would be nice...?


I like the idea of tithing (not to a church though). I give at least 10% of what I grow to the neighborhood critters. I give more than 10% of my time to family, friends, or whomever might need my help. I'd love to be able (someday) to live on 1% of what I make and 'tithe' the rest to those that might need it. I think it's a good way to think.

Thats cool. I give blood. Its a small thing you might think... but i always getting a call that i saved someones life... i like that.


Your one of the one's putting a crush on their business.

Marine Level 8 June 19, 2018

Thank you...i like that...


growing up the folks contributed, but the 10% wasn't important.....its an OT rule.

hankster Level 9 June 19, 2018

10%? Of your income? F that!

smoyle Level 6 June 19, 2018

That's shocking!

Oh its real over here.


I'm guessing my religious mom did.

Wildgreens Level 7 June 19, 2018

Yep. I used to think it was god's plan that I tithe. So I gave almost perfectly. But I have stopped, thank god smile009.gif.

Rhetoric Level 7 June 21, 2018



During my days as a Christian I was never flush enough to be able to get by on 90% of my income and we didn't teach tithing anyway, so no.

What we did teach was that while we aren't under the Mosaic law, we should be enthusiastic enough under grace (and of course have enough faith) to freely give MORE than 10%. So there was always some way to feel guilty or inadequate about how much (little) you gave.

I did a lot of my time in small churches with maybe 50 members on a good day when the wind was blowing in the right direction, so perhaps 20 families, and to the mortgage or rent and keep the lights on, every family had to do its part. So in fairness, I think a lot of those people do "give until it hurts" because they believe it's important and useful to do so. I now see that as a mistaken belief, but I do understand it just the same.

I was largely a starving student or just getting started in my profession during this period so I usually fudged. In those days I was very interested in authentic-sounding organs for example and saved enough to buy a small Allen digital organ for myself but installed it at the church rather than my apartment (better acoustics, can't bother the neighbors) and let them use it for services. I was interested in writing and so ran a church "newspaper" and donated my labor to print it by learning to run a printing press at another ministry in town, I would go in on Saturday and make the plates and do the press run myself. Things like that. I'm not sure the newspaper thing was really a priority for them but it did serve to promote their activities in the community and they couldn't fault me for not being "dedicated" or "committed".

The time and $$ I wasted in those days on "the things of God" was pretty epic relative to my personal resources and wealth but ... it's a sunk cost I guess.

mordant Level 8 June 19, 2018

I guess the best I got out of all this was I was my mother in laws favorite son in law....Ha, I was the only one. I'm so pissed about that ... I can hardly remember it. It was the fellowship.

You improved things for others and that is what mattered.


Scary...its all about the ?? ?

Hitchens Level 8 June 19, 2018



Yeah these religious folk claim to want a low-tax system, or even want to ban taxation, but then they try to get people to pay church tithes, and stuff. It's absolute scumbaggery.

DZhukovin Level 7 June 19, 2018

I grew up in an atheist home, so church was a place to go for weddings, and later for funerals. And later still, not even the weddings, because we would skip the church part and just go to the party!

Lucila Level 4 June 30, 2018

Growing up, the church published what each person donated the previous week in the bulletin. I know my parents were always embarrassed as they could only give $1.00. If a person gave nothing, that was listed!

Shame you into giving more. It doesn't matter if you do without...

that practice is so mean spirited, seeking to embarrass your congregants. Was that a small southern town church?

It was in Western PA in the 60's. A long time ago. This was a common practice,not just in this church. Hopefully, things have changed. I'll never forget my mother's funeral in this Church. At the homily, the priest said, "There were some who liked her and some who did not. I did like her." I felt sick to my stomach. Years later I wanted to talk to him about how hurtful his comment was, but, he had died.

@pryan Wow, usually funerals are to praise the dead, that was kinda rude. I'm sorry for your pain.

That derides from the fine art of Christian shame and guilt ....actually the bookends of psychotherapy. Humiliation is a horrid tool and manipulative in the most unethical hands

Thank you.


Price of planes and ships are going up with tariff's got to raise contributions to 12%

Marine Level 8 June 20, 2018

good for you!


10% percent. Never. I consider church tithes a tax on the delusional.


I grew up in an Atheist home. We had 2 rules.

  1. No smoking!
  2. No tithing to the church!!!

Literally, that was it.

Sara72712 Level 6 July 8, 2018

I’ve never given a damn cent to the church, I’m a Jew and there are no tithings. However no religious requirements when you don’t believe

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