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The unconscionable lack of integrity in media

No, this isn’t about fake news.

I’m wondering about fake history, and fake science.

So to the masses I ask:

Yes, I believe in free speech. However, that belief stops when media outlets like The History Channel, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel and others broadcast clearly untrue “documentaries” regarding everything from Christianity, to Aliens, to Sasquatch, and using an air of credibility they once had, dupe the knuckle-walkers of the world into believing they’re armed with facts when discussing such subjects.

I have my own ideas here, and I get the whole “let capitalism shake it out” argument, so please don’t trot out that old chestnut.

What should be done to stop (not curtail, but stop) the proliferation of this perversion?

Do media outlets have a social responsibility to present only content that is fact, if they purport it as such?

What else comes to mind here?


MrBrown 4 Dec 28

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This might seem simplistic, but I say start streaming, and get rid of the tv channels. This would hit them the hardest if enough people would do it. Since I shut off the dish I have shed a lot of my anger.


I don't beleive it can ever be stopped. Before TV and media had the presence it does today all there was was word of mouth, then writting then print. What the writer beleived or thought was true may be filtered thru a lens I might not own. The power of Niagra Falls is harnesed by a guy named Tesla but history mostly talks about Edison. So with electricity then radio. The alternative 'facts' are a real problem. Media influence is huge and scary. Be very glad for Bill Maher, cause foxSTUPID is scary.


I used to love the history channel - It was about history.
Now, it's garbage and I don't watch it anymore.

I thin they SHOULD have social responsibility, but love of money have much more influence that being socially responsible.

The only thing that can stop this is if people STOP buying it, STOP watching it, and stop reading it.

I have no clue how to stop it, except for me. I just turn it off and thankfully have a smart family.


They exist for a population fascinated by the mysterious and reality tv media crowd. Just don' watch them. They have their audience/market share.


Don't watch such channels. Watch PBS and listen to NPR


I believe some news organizations have more integrity than others. I don't feel like the one that's turned into the state news organization has any integrity at all. I feel like most of the rest try to tell the truth and at least fire some people when things aren't done properly. They're holding their people accountable. That's something that FOX"News" doesn't do. They've turned into Trump's mouthpieces. They repeat his lies, spread his agenda. That's not "news", that's propaganda. They're more "Pravda" than "news".


Corporations are only accountable to their shareholders and now, with Citizens United, politicians are only accountable to their wealthiest donors. Ethics doesn't seem to be a consideration anymore. Profit is king.


Just one more reason why I lead a tee-vee-free lifestyle.


stop watching tv or reading news reports. read history from the losers point and the winners point of view. Other than that have a beer with me


its all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


Whenever someone bills themselves as an expert, an authority on some topic, it seems they have too much influence on what people believe when they tell outright lies. How many people believe The History Channel is verified true? Yet so much on that channel are lies and fabrications. I'd like to see similar rules regarding truth in advertising applied to these outlets. But it will never happen.


Media sells what people want to buy. People like sensational news and stories. It's all about what sells. Being fair to media, they are not activists. They just run a business.


People believe what they want to believe, they want excitement, a sugar rush. Most people as you say, knuckle draggers, find it easy to take what is spoon fed to them. The truth is better for them, but not as tasty. I don't think the real problem will be the traditional media, I think social media is where the problems will hit hard and fast. Imagine the run on currency and share prices that could be caused. Not to mention riots should some dangerous misinformation gain currency.


This is just another proof that we have become a society of silly people, obsessed with celebrity and issues that have nothing to do with the average person.

@MrBrown The entity wishing to remove the button is also the monkey, and the money is us. All else smack of conceit, to me at least.

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