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Am I missing a "search by match percentage" option? How many of those of you who are interested in dating would use that if you knew it existed?

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Janus819 7 Dec 29

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@Jnutter819 I think you need to edit your profile to Say you are interested in dating, at the moment it says you are just here for the community. Then the match % will come up for you. I think this what you are meaning? 🙂

Sacha Level 7 Jan 7, 2018

That's a change since I posted this actually.


I would love to have this. Meeting potential dates is a big reason I joined here, as the area I live in is heavily religious and the options on the "big two" dating sites is very limited.


Yes, this is desperately needed in the atheist / non-theist community. For at least a decade now, the big 2 dating sites have extraordinarily limited results for atheists. So this naturally forces one to scale back on their expectations of the other person, resulting in sub par matching.

On another note, in my short time here, I've seen some insightful commentary, and growing community, which is phenomenal. My main qualm is with the name ',' as in my life I have seen this term used mostly for people describing the phase going from religious >> agnostic >> atheist. Seemingly, just a matter of time for those who once believed. Hundreds of years of religious efforts mean they still have success in their stigmatizing of the terminology atheist.

Agnostic basically just means you either don't or can't know whether there is a god. Atheist means you don't believe there is one. It is technically possible to be an agnostic theist, but any atheist knows you can't really prove that there isn't an invisible intangible being in the universe, so all atheists are agnostic (if they're honest).

Of course, there is more stigma to the word atheist than agnostic and people have started to treat the word agnostic as undecided, but honestly anyone who does not hold a belief in a god is atheist. In short, it may seem like a transitional period, but it includes the later stage(s) too.


Great idea!


For those of us looking to find compatible people on here, it would be very useful.


I think most everyone here at some point would be curio9us enough to use it once just to see who comes up.

@Admin The questionnaire probably needs to be more extensive for ti to actually work well though.

Also, perhaps allow people to weigh the importance of certain factors (e.g. a likert scale and/or ranking of age, distance, interests, etc.)

@Jnutter819 OK, cupid 😉 But yeah, seriously, since we are a niche website with dating, a search by distance is probably going to be ok until we have 10x the members.


I might be more interested in just being able to hover over someone's picture and see a pop-up of basic info about them - their gender, gender preferences, age, location, stuff you'd see on their profile. Rather than having to go to their profile to see that they are out of my age group or area or whatever.


match dot com has that feature. but i'm on this site because i have a built-in match criteria of fellow atheists. that's a good starting point for my search criteria.


What is this new match thing?

click meet at the top of the page between discuss and about


Yes, it is something we want to code up. I have to think about the algorithm to do it as it's computationally complex to do a single pair of compatibilities. If you click on the "Heart" icon at the top of a profile, you can see how the score is calculated. I wrote a similar script decades ago to rank match classmates in high school for a valentine's day fund raiser. Yep, before geeks had cred. Will put this "on the list"... and perhaps let members vote on their favorites.

Admin Level 8 Dec 29, 2017

Well, I hope you tweaked the numbers to your advantage.

@Unicorn1824 haha, too bad I'm not in the market.


I've tried finding it in the member search function's filters and sort options.

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