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LINK Got To Give lt Up - Marvin Gaye - YouTube

Yes, feeling a bit more soulful on this gray and drab friday afternoon.

Ari should go dancing tonight... perhaps... but I am craving Disco... Real Disco. lol

Sadoi 7 June 22

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Sadoi, this recording is very moving to me. If we were at a dance, would you dance to it with me?

But of course! I enjoy a dance with a kind gentleman! 🙂


I was fortunate in that i was able to see him in person at one of his last appearances at the Apollo in 1983. One of my favorite performers

Daaaaang! I am yeaaalllooous!


@GipsyOfNewSpain If its got a beat, i can find it! I could probably dance to elevator music if need be! hahaha

Sadoi Level 7 June 22, 2018

Well... I got a bottle of Cointreau reserved for a special time... being sleeping all day and losta energy flow... my life's best partner in dance is on schedule for tonight so let's be Salsa with "Melaza Project" at Maryland Live. Thank You for the Memory of Happier Times... Everything from me rhymes tonight because I am Jive not High.

I will play something Dancable for you! one sec!

@Sadoi I can dance anything but rap... I will leave my hat on.

@GipsyOfNewSpain Same here! haha!!

@Sadoi That's my girl... Ari so lucky!!!

@GipsyOfNewSpain hee hee 🙂

@GipsyOfNewSpain i posted a few songs for you buddy!

@Sadoi And I am obligated to open the bottle!!!

@GipsyOfNewSpain I would say you are! I don't drink though, but i have something else i can do! haha

@Sadoi The band was good but problem with bands with great musicians.... the songs lasted way too long. Not that good on a dancers environment... we are not looking for a marriage, you use all your repertoire and you are forced to repeat.


Turn it up and annoy the neighbors.

Oh. I Dooo! Boy do i Eeeever! hahaha


well, that got ME dancin'!

Most Excellent! Tha is wha it is meant for!!


I can see a bunch of raisins boogieing now.

azzow2 Level 9 June 22, 2018

I loove he california raisins!! haha Now im imagining Spudz Mackenzie dancing around too! And Max Headroom too! haha The Visions of the 1980's

@Sadoi You do make me laugh.

@azzow2 😀

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