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I'm here on my 4 day family vacation in South Carolina. Yesterday as we were finishing up a family dinner and enjoying drinks and conversation I got a call from a good friend of mine. He told me our mutual friend Stefan goolsby passed away at about 430 yesterday afternoon. He had a rare form of bone cancer that only pops up in like a fraction of 1% of the population. After trying every treatment the doctors could recommend, even experimental treatments, they determined that he should have another 10 years with maintenance treatment. That was roughly 6 months ago. Now this happened to a guy that would give a total stranger the shirt off his back. The guy that could make anyone, and I mean ANYONE smile. Even after he was diagnosed he just pretended like everything was great and not a care in the world. But he was also the type of person that did that because he would never show a hint of stress or sadness no matter what, as long as he could help it. He would bottle it all up just so he was able to put his best foot forward and make everyone around him smile and laugh. He was good at that. Bringing joy to other people.

I think about all this having just heard about his death. So many people believe he will go on to a better place but he won't. His parents were very very religious even though Stefan was not. And when he was diagnosed, his own parents actually said to his face that he should not get any treatment at all. They told they're own son "God will cure you"..... God. God will fix everything.

Well you know what if God is so mother fucking great and powerful then why the fuck was there anything to be cured to begin with?

Not to mention there are at least a million other people in this world that are far more deserving of the pain he felt. But they didn't feel that pain. Stefan did. Other GOOD people felt that pain. Meanwhile murderers and rapists sit in a comfortable jail cell getting 3 sqaure meals a day on our tax dollars.

As far as I am concerned, if by some crazy impossible chance there really is a god..... Then I say he can go fuck himself sideways and piss on his precious ten commandments. If by some insane miracle I am wrong and god really does exist, then let me pray now that he suffers 100x what Stefan did and more. If I happen to be wrong and Jesus christ is real.... Then fuck that piece of shit. Nail his ass back on the fucking cross. Fuck all of it. Any god that would allow this to happen is no god to be praised. That is a god to be condemned. Opposed. Rejected. In short, make whatever religious arguement you want. Because at the end of the day, even if I'm wrong..... Fuck god.

SilverDollarJedi 7 Dec 29

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Silver Dollar, you made some good points. I lost a dear friend and my mother from cancer. It sucked. And was hard watching her die, day after day getting a little worse and finally watch it take her. She SUFFERED.


Absolutely agree with you and understand your pain. Science will one day find a cure for cancer, as it has done for so many other things, so we live in hope.

@SilverDollarJedi - Upon rethinking this, it's not a cure I'd like science to find, but a prevention. This is brought home for me because I spend every summer in the Italian countryside, where produce is organic and the air is super clean, and yet they have a high instance of cancer. If science could idenitfy the causes, that would be real progress.

@SilverDollarJedi You re absolutely right! If cancer is cured, they'll lose a fortune from the chemo they make now. Nope, the cure will always be just a finger away from us. They'll never patent a cancer cure.


This illustrates the illogical belief in an entity that is not real ir if it were real, is an example of a very insecure sadistic narcissitic being that enjoys playing with humanity as if we were nothing more than action figures for his entertainment. I agree if God really existed and was as all powerful as the religious claim we would not see good people suffering like that for no real reason. I also agree with you that a real God would prevent all the suffering before it happened instead of making humanity beg for cures in the form of worship and prayer.


Sorry for your loss SilverDollarJedi.

It seems you are explaining the point where Fairy Tale meets Reality. I seems there is plenty that God could do. Not much seems to bother him tho......except gays and abortion

twill Level 7 Jan 1, 2018

TA! So sorry!


My brother in love died on Nov 18. The whole thing lasted like 3 weeks. From his bitching and complaining that work in the warehouse was killing him. He was a "Real Bitching and Complainer Kind of Guy". Hard Worker but not used to work hard. Rehabilitated from a tough guy life to honest work individual. First Voice I hear in the morning, Last voice I hear at night. Died from a weak heart at 57. Great personality. Always putting potato chips inside of burgers. I guess his last joke was he had a large collection of coats... he was from New York. In a Heavy leather Coat we found a .45 automatic. Those present just look at each other and laughed... yep that was him. Those Gone Will Be Missed Despite Their Flaws. We disposed of the weapon, nobody wanted it.


I got into a very heated arguments with my parents on day. And like you hypothetically lets say there is and he lets all this shit happen. I told them. I would rather burn in his hell than live in his heaven. This hypothetical being is not worthy of humanity. We as a race are to noble, thoughtful, love our children to much to be worthy of such a worthless piece of shit deity!


gods don't cure people, stop mass genocides, stop mass killings and save the terminally ill-what the good are they? They don't exist period.

Well said


To your overall question, the answer is because the concept of a personal God is, as you know a bunch of crap that just not the way life works. To a Christian or almost any theist, it is Gods will, and to that, I say f___ you to that God.

@SilverDollarJedi That breaks my heart to hear about his fiance and all of his friends dealing with his loss. The loss of this man is a terrible fact, but the memories of this man are his legacy, and it sounds to me that he left with a great legacy. I'll have a shot of whiskey in Stefan's name from here in Kansas City.


I’ve described the death of my 17 year old cousin/ best friend on these pages - and wished there had been such a public platform to proclaim exactly what you have here! Instead, it remained inside my head ..boiling for decades...

It remains a shame that we should have to show respect for the segment of society who have apparently so deluded themselves with their ‘belief in a god’ that they continue to advertise and inflict this garbage on the world. If they are too weak to face reality, then lean on us - we’ll cry with them - but never demand we bow to a concept that continues to allow such suffering.

Varn Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

Condolences. Not a great way to enjoy a family vacation. Everyone grieves in their way, and I would agree, where is the thought process when people say god will heal, he has a plan? We as non-believers have an answer, some more vocal than others. I have a friend who received a cancer death sentence recently, any and all treatment has been disproven. While he’s 51, he says he’s not done yet he still has more to do. It’s mortifying and heartbreaking when facing your own mortality. What kind of sick joke is that, if there were a personal god? Those who are looking death in the face and still maintaining a positive attitude are made of hero material. They possess a strength rivaled by many. It is an honor for us to be in their presence and to have known them. I hope you find comfort in his memory.


Your friend sounds like a wonderful person, and I'm very sorry for your loss.

I too wonder what would be a god's reason for inventing diseases. If he has the power to smite, why not just poof people out of our lives when "their time has come"? Imagine a god, creating all the beautiful things in the world and then saying, "ya know what this place really needs? CANCER!" "Not just that, let's throw in some birth defects, conjoined twins, and flesh-eating bacteria!" It makes the god argument seem so ridiculous!

But Christopher Hitchens explained, in his diatribe about Mother Theresa, that Christians think that suffering is a virtue. So religious people will find a way to justify this insanity. I totally understand your anger. And when people want to toss in the old "everything happens for a reason" or "god needed another angel" BS I want to explode.

I feel for you.

God doesn't only need another Angel....he evidently needs money too


Lot of anger in there. Grief is bad and you have my condolences for the loss of a valued friend.I recentky went to the funeral of one of my old school mates who died suddenly and it is a shock to the system to see your peers passing away.Brings our mortality very close to us.

As to god/creator,my view is that this is the life we are given,there are no gurantees after that ,life is what you make it.We are all part of the same thing,and so in that way not even individuals just we tend to think very much in those terms. i.e we are born separate and die separate form the universe.But that is not the reality, I see us as all very much part of the one thing.

Your friend has taught you something here too, a way to live your life ,he sounds like a great example,so take the lessons and live your life as best you can like he did. If we all do that it would make life easier for all of us .It is all we can do as humans. Dont be so angry with life , it is a destructive emotion,and it will wash away with time hopefully sooner rather than later.

Anger is under rated, it will get you OUT, and a lot of times OUT is exactly what you need to do.


He sounds like a good man. Just remember that but don't dwell on it.he obviously wouldn't of wanted that.God is a fucking nasty bastard if he existed.


Stefan sounds like a really great guy.

I just have to say, Dude, don't let the christians poison your mind with their promise of God's grace and justice and rules. There is no justice in this world, only suffering. The longer you live the more crap you accumulate. I would do what your friend Stefan did, which is, brush that crap that got stuck on you, off. Stefan got that shit off him, that religious crap too. If he meant anything to you, do what he did and brush that "hate" crap off and follow his example. He didn't care about what his parents think or what some prisoner in jail deserves. He just lived with his best foot forward.


Sorry, that you lost your friend. Sound to me like he lived a good life and that, that life touch others by make theirs better. His live is one worth remembering and that those lessons you learned from him were important ones. Remember those lessons and pass them on to others.

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