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Christianity truly used to give me peace. But as my eyes opened to what religion has done and is doing even just to our country--not to mention others--I now have absolute peace in knowing truth and listening to scientists and atheists. Instead of ignoring bad acts with "ah, it's a fallen world," I can say, Hey, let's stop excusing evil and do something about it!

GoldenMean 6 Dec 30

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Yes. This is good.


"Hey, let's stop excusing evil and do something about it!" Like that.


I agree. Instead of praying for something good to happen, make something good happen!


One thing I've noticed with the way people excuse evil, they also don't realize that we can't just "do our best, give god the rest" when the "best" effort people are giving is generally much less than it used to be. We have to put 110% into it, not just try and give up




I can't lay the blame for our fall, as a species, upon religion. It is too convenient an excuse. We are a poorly designed species: frail, short lived, and too inefficient with the use of energy. I do support your second point. Get off your dead, whining arses and do something (fin.)

The last couple of milennia... I DO "blame" religion for much of the harm to the planet (as in over population, wars, crusades... pogroms). Thoroughly agree with your seconded second point: Let's see action! Let's see people... (Who)


That sense of peace for some comes at a very high price for humanity. Glad you’ve stepped up!

Varn Level 8 Dec 30, 2017

If you guys only knew what the "catlick" church did in South America....most of south east coast native population decimated....catechism is another word for brain washing....

and the untold millions of First Nation peoples decimated in North America


It sure beats feeling helpless in a hopeless situation, now, doesn't it?

SamL Level 7 Dec 30, 2017

I’m willing to live and let live. If they choose to live in self imposed delusion, ok. Just don’t push it on me.

I agree. 🙂

I am unwilling to allow such nonsense at the cost of imprisoning the minds, lives of children and other countries citizens by OECD "missionaries". What would you do if you found the futures of these people being disenfranchised? YES, that's right; I would/DO react energetically. Fuck religions.


Religion should not be imposed on anyone let alone children, so I agree with you on that.


We need more Humanists in this world.

There are approximately 250 babies born per minute in the world and they are all born humanists.

let's start the stupid agnostic here which refuse the Arabian agnostic before we talk about the people who believe in god


I'm with you on that and I think the only way to avoid it is to educate. Teach about the origins of all religion and their impact on the citizens of the world and maybe we could save a lot of heartaches. 🙂


I'm a little lost. May I ask what you are referring to? As far as I know, no one is refused on the grounds of their origin.

@betpaq sorry but I am Arabian and I can notice that clear on this site and also in out of the site. in dating sites also agnostic women do that. in reality, i am just a story for them they listen to it and then they forget me. in the last attack I have it I was in the camp where Muslims do that and I put pictures for my room and the blood everywhere and the reports ..... the dutch agnostic they just sent to me that they are sorry for that, while a friends of friend from LGBT organization they invited me to many houses will be transferred to other camp and be safe. there between the LGBT I see the tolerance, in reality, they get married from different origin and they host each other on the other side we are just talking not doing and special Europian agnostic. I met the JW and they were also were welcoming and between themselves they are tolerance. christian people here are very nice people i have a friend living far away from me know and he came to visit me and stand up with me when i got my house. agnostic here in Europe is like Islam in the Arabian world no knowledge and racist. and there are something funny looks that the agnostic like Muslims is that men run after women in crazy way and women are more comfortable with the women for example here a women open a file and a man open a file in same time and they do the same time in the site, go and look how many flowers for both .


Who was the "stupid agnostic" you were talking about? I am confused.

@betpaq the agnostic who does not accept Arabian agnostic and they are the majority in west world


I am sorry that you have that experience. To me, there are 2 kinds of people. 1) Good people, they are kind, helpful and respectful. 2) Bad people, they are hurtful, selfish, and uncaring. It doesn't matter what part of the world you are from, the culture you grew up in or the language you speak. If you are a good person then you are aces in my book. 👍🙂

@betpaq Well, actually...there are the sociopaths and psycopaths. Unless you want to argue that looking out for themselves is looking out for a human and therefore humanist...I'd say they're not all humanists xD


And they would go in the bad pile.

@betpaq For the most part, atleast.

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