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What has been the dumbest religious comment/response/statement you have ever heard personally?

Mine happened this week and I'm still shaking my head about it.
My kids and I spent Xmas in New Orleans and spent xmas eve watching the lighting of the bonfires on the Levee.

A coworker asked me about it when I got back and I was explaining the pagan tradition of the bonfires and said, "..before the church turned the winter solstice celebrations into Christmas..."
She cut me off and said, "December 25th has ALWAYS been Christmas"
I said, "No it hasn't, but as I was saying...
She immediately said, "Yes it has, check your calendar."

She is a professional healthcare provider with advanced degrees and her answer was "check your calendar".

I had to walk away because I really wanted to smack her in the back of the head.

Crimson67 8 Dec 31

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my friend is an astro physicist and says there are people in his profession who are religious .AND chris hadfield is a canadian astronaut and he says half of the astronauts believe in that voodoo. !!!!!

If you are an astro physicist and claim to believe in gods you have not been trained properly. You will find no answers in a god.


My favorite author is Robert Heinlein. My favorite character of his is Lazarus Long. From the notebooks of Lazarus, There is no proof of anything after death. There is no proof otherwise. So, why fret about it? Sooner or later you will know for sure.


heh you should have made a little cross with your fingers and said "The stupid! It burns!"


"I know that god exists."

"I know that god doesn't exist."

Two of the dumbest religious comments I commonly hear.


People can be so blind and ignorant, sad really.

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