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I wish you what your heart desires (as long as it does no harm to any beings). May you find happiness, peace, joy, health, purpose, and prosperity . . . and for those looking for love, I hope it's there for you in a new year full of new beginnings. Live long and prosper (but not at the expense of another)! Let's all strive for peace on this tiny blue marble hurling through space and time going . . .

Hope4Zoe 6 Dec 31

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Very positive thoughts. I wish I could share them but my joy died. I am just looking for a reason to hold on.

I'm so sorry to hear that your joy died. Are you willing to share why? There are some kind and caring people on this site. Being here is at least one reason to hold on. You are with a group of kindred spirits. I'm sure you have lots of knowledge and experience that you can share with people here. I'm going to hope that somehow joy returns to your life.


Wish you a good year too


This next lap around the Sun is going to be a good one... I can feel it.
Make you and your's great this year.


Happy New Year. 🙂


Thank you for all your wonderful well wishes and I wish the same positive things for everyone here tonite.


Time what a relative concept. May your journey be enlightening traveling through time on revolution at a time. Nanu Nanu.


Same to you!

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