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Any fellow tabletop gamers on here or even video gamers?

I'm looking for some gamer friends on this site. What do you play?
dungeons and dragons, board games, even Warhammer 40k (even though I don't play)

RatNinja 4 Dec 31

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Big gamer here, I'm working to pool some money together to play warhammer 40k


Feel free to add me on ps4 as well. DarkKnightIzlude


Aye. Video games, tabletop games, and some card games.


Xbox one.


Warhammer for life! The Imperial Truth FTW, death to the false gods, etc, etc....


Me and my friend have DnD on the weekends, we also play a table top that one of us had started and has been developing since high school.


I have friends who play, and sometimes drag me in. Just don't make me play Catan. It's tedious, and all the worse for watching that video of Wil Wheaton getting excited every time he got wheat, because it sounded like his name.

I love Cards Against Humanity, though it can be really frustrating when you don't get any of the good cards. I play Exploding Kittens with my son, and Perudo (Liar's Dice) if we can get enough players together.

I have an Xbox one, but prefer offline gaming to online most of the time (there are just too many on the public servers amusing themselves by trying to ruin it for everyone else, and I tend to play on a whim, which rules out scheduling things with friends.)


D&D (and too many other table top games to list in a coherent sentence, got into it about 4-5 years ago, been playing 1-2 times weekly since then.), board games (like catan and stuff nothing too complex), video games (strategy and rpgs, hyped as all hell for the tomb kings dlc for total war warhammer 2, arkhan the black is just too good to pass up).



Gears of War
Elder Scrolls

Some games I play.


D&D for about 20 years. I was the first kid on my block with a boxed set (1974) so I was naturally the DM and took my players "out of the box" quickly, being already inspired with my own Tales by Tolkien and anything I could find in swords and sorcery books, pulp fiction and comics.

I bought most books up till 2.5, when I collected the entire library, with copies of the essentials such as Player Handbooks, DM Guides, character Complete Guides and such.
I was already using the techniques of other systems such as GURPS but finally DM'd with an entirely percentile system for accuracy and to keep the story going. The players continued with D&D polys since I had the dice and books for them.

You can see a synopsis of that main story line (The Book of Sara) as well of the art of other Tales in my profile pics.

I'm on a sabbatical from video games but that's another Tale to tell...though not near as interesting!


I'm playing in a D&D 3.5 as two different characters in two different campaigns in the same world. I'm running a Starfinder game, the adventure path. I'm about to be playing in a Hunter: The Reckoning game, and have been a tabletop RPGer for about, ohhh, 22 years. I also play many many card and board games, but not so much an avid video gamer.

I'd check out DM Genie, but the security certificate is invalid and my browser won't let me go to it. Can you tell me more about it?

@Random_Madness Their certificate expired last night, apparently, so I'm sure it'll get fixed soon. Here's a screenshot.

@Random_Madness Apparently this site scaled down the image.

"DM Genie is a computer program for players and game masters running the Third Edition or the new Revision 3.5 of the world's most popular tabletop role playing game. DM Genie can also be customized to any game system that is based on 20-sided dice. DM Genie takes care of the math and rules so you can focus on the game! Using DM Genie, you can create adventures, manage your characters and monsters, and keep track of anything that happens to them. Try it free today!

If you're not a DM, you will love Player Genie, a lighter version of DM Genie designed for players of 3rd edition RPGs. The PC Leveling Wizard will guide you in creating your character. During the game, use it to keep track of your inventory, add feats or spells and get their description at the click of a mouse. If one of your ability score changes, all your characteristics are recalculated instantly - skill bonuses, attack bonuses, armor class."

@Random_Madness However...

"DM Genie and Player Genie are no longer supported and for this reason are no longer available for sale. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will retain the website for existing customers to recover their registration code and re-download the installation files.

Thanks to everyone who supported DM Genie over the years!"


D&d, cards against humanity, house on the hill, splendor.

I love Cards Against Humanity. it is one of my favorite games to play.


I'll be playing Diablo2 Lord of Destruction...until the wheels fall off.


Darn you bring back old memories threw away a large collection of Avallon Hills Games... example... the grand daddy Tactics... squad leader, panzer leader, air force, midway, axis and allies, invasion of malta, war in the pacific, platon, tanks, arab israeli wars, etc.


I want to tabletop, but I can't find anyone to play here in DC. I'm oldschool. I played DnD, ADnD, 2e, then much later, 4e+. I've looked at 5e and it looks fun.


I play my PS4 Slim occasionally and my 3DS XL.

Pokemon, Zelda, Bravely 2nd, and Kingdom Hearts.


D& most board games and i play ESO:Morrowwind

I remember Morrowind the PC game. Never finish it. SHAME on ME.

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