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What method do you use to determine whether your beliefs are true?

EmpathyRonnie 3 June 30

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I try to keep in mind that beliefs can (and often should) change. Logically speaking odds are very good that at least some of what I believe is true at any given time actually isn't true.

And that's necessarily a fault of mine.

I may simply have learned it wrong or learned from someone misinformed or even it simply is no longer true. I find it more important to look at how a belief changes the world around it. Looking at its implications help me far more than examining it alone...and often help me determine its truth besides.


I have used always a balance of cognition and intuition, enhanced by ongoing learning, research. I also trust that if and when i have to know, i will. I've never been disappointed.

I also have a large helping of acceptance that i can not know all things, or even everything i don't know, so some things i just accept on trust and faith.


"Search your feelings. You know it to be true." - Darth Vader

gater Level 7 June 30, 2018

Love that line but logically it's fallible.

@EmpathyRonnie Of course you are right, but there does seem to be some truth to this - like the expression "does it ring true"?


As a reality check I like the scientific method but I also have the sense to do a gut check as well. Believe half of what you see with your own eyes and none of what you hear.


I throw something into the air and say some magic words like abracadabra and if Isaac Newton's laws still apply I know magic is a fiction.

azzow2 Level 9 June 30, 2018

The Scientific Method seems to be the most reliable and accurate way, but I do not need to go that far in my daily life, and can find good evidence by my own standards for most important beliefs I need to sort out. I only really care if my IMPORTANT beliefs are true or not, like whether a gun is loaded or not, where I need good evidence to know the truth.
As an Apatheist I have no beliefs or disbeliefs in gods. But I have many beliefs, like I believe I will wake up again tomorrow, so I better do my laundry and pay my bills. 🙂


The only one that works, the scientific method. so i don't need to believe, i have a reasonable expectation of it being true.i tend to stay away from belief. and faith. they are used much the same. when things are true and not dependent on my belief, thats when i accept them.


You examine all the evidence and then you can use the balance of probability test. As you can only prove a positive and not a negative it is not possible to prove that God doesn’t exist, the best we can say is that there is no evidence that he does.


There is no method to determine the truth of beliefs.
There are methods to determine the value of evidence.

Matias Level 8 June 30, 2018
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