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LINK What happens if Roe v. Wade is overturned - Washington Post

Here's some basic info on what would happen, including on which Senators to eye as potential swing-votes on both parties.

BookDeath 8 June 30

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There's a section in the book "Freakonomics" that uses data to postulate that legalization of abortion leads to a drop in crime rates. Levitt uses mountains of data to support the idea, and it hits very close to my belief that society benefits from being one in which every child is a wanted child.


This is the future fate of women in America.


Women who attempt to choose to make their own decisions will die in alleys. While conservatives erode human freedoms until all people are sheep to the church.


I lived when abortion was illegal, marched on DC twice in support, enjoyed the last few decades where women had some control over their entire Life! Better start stockpiling those wire coathangers!


There was already the case of that Walgreen's prick denying a miscarriage pill to the woman who had a rotting carcass in her uterus that could lead to sepsis, infection and death.

Lets allow right wing fucks more control over womens bodies.


Nightmare!!!! As an attorney, I see so much at risk with the soon to be Supreme Court it’s unbelievable! We are in an alternate universe... the one where everything goes wrong!


It's not going to be as dire as people think. First, the culture of the United States has changed A LOT since 1973. Second, morning after and abortion pills are now on the market that eliminate the need to actually go to a clinic. Third, there will be states on the West Coast, East Coast and Upper Midwest that protect abortion rights (so, regardless of where you live, you will be able to travel to a clinic), and Fourth, in States like Florida, North Carolina and Virginia it is going to be very, very difficult for lawmakers to go back to 1960's era laws. Yes, the Conservatives have won the Supreme Court, but Liberals have won the culture war.

Hopefully...still might mean some back ally abortions.

@vnufall Well, Trump did say he wanted to "Make America Great Again."

I think you underestimate the degree of poverty that many girls and women needing abortion services exist in. Also, a teen seeking an abortion has obstacles beyond the financial, as travel without a parent or guardian isn't particularly easy. Even those with the financial ability to afford the trip still have return home after the procedure. Missed work, paying for travel, accommodations, and the procedure... all these can add up to a fortune for someone barely scraping by.

@sassysapiosexual It’s not going to be hard for them to overturn it at all. The Robert’s court has shown it is willing to throw precedence out the window. Remember, these conservative appointees are more like political hacks than real scholars.

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