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I admit that I think an awful lot about future family life. I am currently single, don't have any kids, not dating anyone, yet I routinely daydream about meeting the ideal match for me and having a family. However, I am not sure that I want to get married. I was reading a bit into the history of marriage and it seems to me that marriage originated as a property transaction. Women were originally the property of their fathers and through marriage, they became property of their husbands and the groom's family was expected to pay a dowry.

It seems that we have reformed marriage. Nowadays, marriage is about love and companionship in North America, Europe, and some British Commonwealth countries. However, in some countries like Pakistan, arranged marriages are still common. This has me thinking- why reform marriage? I support the right of same-sex couples to marry but I hope they don't think that they need it to be happy. How long are we going to keep reforming marriage? At what point does marriage become whatever we want it to be?

At what point does the institution of marriage die the death of a thousand qualifications? This being said, I doubt I want to get married. I might do it if my significant other really wants to just to respect her desire but I don't see any need for it. As long as I can live with her and we both want children at some point in the future, I am actually quite content.

MrSkeptic78 4 Dec 31

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I would recommend marriage if you're planning on breeding. When the time comes to divorce , and statistically there's a very good chance of that , it's important to have the law on your side. If you're just living together, and you have children, you're in for a world of hurt regarding possessions, the dwelling, custody and money. I don't really see marriage as an impressive Union ,t's simply a formality.


I have been married twice, divorced twice. I won't do it again.
The first time was my children's father, and it seemed to have taken forever to detach from him legally. The second time was more simple, as we didnt have property or children together, but it was a hassle I don't want to go through again.

Due to our being married, though, and him not working, half of a couple of my income tax checks went to his ex-wife for child support that he owed.
So, marriage? No way.Not again.


Marriage, as I Did it, has nothing to do with God or religion. In modern times it is a legal contract, protecting you and your children. Don't let it scare you, it's a contract with rings.

^This. I've got one friend who didn't have the paper. When her SO was killed it was a nightmare for her to detangle. Plus she was basically really a widow with none of the support of being one.


I have determined that that kind of woman is at the farthest reaches of the planet and the chance that we might met is so unlikely that, I would have a better chance winning the mega and powerball lotteries jackpot consecutively ever drawing for an entire year.


As has been mentioned, there are some advantages to making it legal but the more important issue to me is the commitment, and that is more for the kids than the adults. Not that I’m recommending staying in a poison relationship for the kids’ sake; that would be even worse. But the idea is that you focus on building the relationship to a healthy commitment-of-desire before having kids. (my 2cents)

skado Level 8 Jan 1, 2018

Your Mate will come at the Right time. You will know... Don't waste the opportunity. Enjoy your Freedom until then.

You seem to be a nice enough guy, but how do you know that she will come at the right time? And how do you know that he will know?

@Nemosson have you ever heard a new word or concept and suddenly, although you didn't know it yesterday, it seems like you see and hear it everywhere? When you really decide you want a different life you begin to see things you never saw before. It's as if it was there all along but you just didn't know it.

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