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What happens when the polar ice melts? Come on...think about it.

Its happening right now. The currents change. The lands flood. Divers are finding cities under the ocean right now. Its getting worse and we can't stop it. What makes an ice age? We can't handle that one either. Enjoy it. Your childrens children are going to have a lot to deal with.

BucketlistBob 8 July 1

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Well, being parochial, in extremis, no more strawberries from Oxnard, CA (where I currently reside, elev. 64 ft., or 20 meters).


It might be a good idea to start rethinking our attitudes to asylum-seekers and migrant now, since the problem is going to get worse and worse with climate change and rising sea-levels. We need to stop thinking we have a right to the bit of land we happen to have been born on.

Im just to lazy to move.... lol.


Hot Time in the City.


India and Bangladesh already have coastal areas that are flooded and the population has had to move inland, which is worsening the crowding in cities with all the attendant problems. There are coastal roads on the East Coast that are flooded out on a regular basis, and some pricey property that is now really water front. New Orleans will be gone, as will Florida, Charleston, Norfolk, VA, New York, Houston, and DC. Its pretty grim.

It's going to happen. Is it going to happen in the next 20 years? Right after we die... what a ride!


I live on a mountain so does my family we my home town is set to become the capital of our country when the flood comes ...its all good !!


I own waterfront property!


You haven't noticed the photos we've been posting ? Texas has been having flood problems .

Yep ive noticed. Its tough over there.


For those of us that live above 200' of sea level we'll have to build a wall to keep out the flooding coastal immigrants from invading us with their rapists and murderers and I'm sure some of them are nice people but do we really want to take that chance?

For Rent or Lease: Ocean front spare room in the Appalachian foothills. $20 million starting bid.


Im thinking something like this?


If they exist


I always wanted to surf in Indiana lol.

I grew up in NW Indiana.

About 30-ish miles inland from Lake Michigan is Rt. 6 (Ridge Road) that runs East-West.
It used to be the shore of the lake long ago. I lived on the top of that ridge for a while.
If you dig down just a little bit anywhere on that hill you'll hit the ancient sand dunes like the ones that are at the level of the lake now.

@iamjc If they keep fracking there you might have your own ocean soon.

@Marine I haven't been up that way in a while... I didn't know any fracking was going on.

@Paul628 The whole center of the USA is under fracking causing many earthquakes.


Extensive flooding as the eusraric level of the oceans rise as much as 30 ft or more(this number is actually low to what some estimates postulate). Most of the world's largest cities are built along coastlines. Most of these will be buried under 20-30 ft of water. The geographic outline of the continents will be chsnged significantly, becoming much smaller as land mass becomes flooded.


I'm worried about what my children will deal with. Doesn't seem like there's any going back now either, even if there was political will and effort to change.

MsAl Level 8 July 1, 2018

Goodbye Florida.

Goodbye Manhattan.

Hello Coastal Atlanta.


Yep. Always thought Las Vegas could use a Beachfront.

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