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Pushed into atheism..

Is there a specific event in your life that pushed you to atheism?

CodyMack 4 July 5

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I was born an atheist and pushed into religion. No one is pushed into atheism. I realized that religion was b.s.


The title is asking for trouble.

Either way, to make a long story short, early high school problems. Initially I was angry at god, but in time, that evolved into what I would later learn was atheism. Which would later evolve into, something else.

I'm an ever changing creature.


"Pushed in to atheism" is not a good perspective as I actually pulled myself from the darkness of superstition into the light of reason.


Like everybody, I started as an atheist. Folks made me go to church but I never really drank the religious cool-aid.

But to answer your question what event moved me to value evidence based reason over make believe?

After analyzing the contradictions between what the church was teaching me and the way these "stories" contradicted reality, I figured religion was a BS mind control game adults used to control what kids did. I was in early grade school when I figured that out. However, it wasn't until I was much older that I came to the scary realization that many children did not grow out of religion and some actually believed in the supernatural (magic).


Was born an atheist and pretty much stayed that way. I was forced to go to church as a kid, but luckily the church asked my grandparents to stop bringing me because it was clear I wasn't paying attention and when I did, I was nonstop with asking questions.

Fantastic! Nothing like a child asking questions to road block authoritarian ideals! More of you in the world please.


Being born with a free mind and the inquisitiveness to explore and make personal assessments. This has encouraged agnosticism not atheism.


No, just never paid it any mind... did the Holliday things out of culture, tradition and family but never believed in a God. They had me going longer with the Santa Claus thing.


No, i’ve never had god in my life.


Learning of the Holocaust.

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