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Beard or no beard

I just shaved my beard for the first time in years. Grow it back or keep clean?

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GeekDad13 4 July 5

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I let my beard do whatever it wants...


Totally team beard.


I didn't vote, I figure a beard, as with a hairstyle, is similar to clothing or jewelry. Change it up at times just to keep things interesting!


I enjoy both on a man. A goatee is attractive but again depending on the man a full beard can be as well as long as it is kept groomed. Do what makes you happy.

Rose2U Level 7 July 27, 2018

I love beards of all kinds, though im the only person that likes mine. I used shave all but my chin, now im kinda chubby and with a shaved face im just too insecure. Do what you want, its your body.

Tejas Level 6 July 6, 2018

I'm surprised the militant anti-beardists didn't come out in full force.


I would probably suggest "no beard" but I'm not the one who would have to shave your face.


I agree, you look younger without it.

However, even with it, you don't look old.

What about in between? A shorter or more trimmed/defined beard taking up less of your face?


My preference is always a clean face


I'm always amazed at how young a man looks after he shaves that mop off of his face. Why would anyone want to look older? No beard, all the way!

@maturin1919 Not this woman


I shaved my goatee & mustache once. My two girls, early teens, had never seen me without facial hair. They were horrified, and demanded I grow it back. I didn't realize I was that ugly. I grew it back. LOL


Beard, for sure!!!


I like a beard on a man, and neatly groomed is my preference. But then again, it is summer here in Oregon, and beards might be too warm!

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