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Any metal listeners?

Just seeing if there's any metal fans on here, if so maybe share your favorite anti religious group, like all that remains which is one of my favorites.

Eric_in_bham 5 July 7

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Go check out the metal and punk group


Love Metal and the majority of classic rock


Definite metal head. Dio, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath are favorites. I have an Iron Maiden single album of The Trooper. Never found my way to Death Metal, but heavy metal for sure.


Did they start making tin ears again? J/K I did many years back even had a pirated tape of Randy Rhodes have no listens to much modern Heavy Metal When I was young and lived in California there was a radio station KNACK i think we're the call letters all they played was heavy meta.


Definitely a metal fan!


My favorites are Black Sabbath, Anthrax, Motorhead, and GWAR. Each have their share of anti-religion anthems.

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