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Any wrecker drivers in here?

NothinnXpreVails 8 July 8

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I used to drive a wreck, but then I straightened out my credit and I'm now driving a decent pick-up truck! LOL


I used to dive when I lived in Bermuda, next door to Teddy Tucker. I used a Fischer CZ-21 and an Excal 1000 to locate metallic objects underwater. On the down low as they are a bit fussy about wreck divers in Bermuda, my finds were mostly recent jewellery, silver and gold but I did find a lead sounding weight and a few cannon balls and victoria era coins.

@KateZilla Bermuda is littered with wrecks so if you dive there then you will end up diving wrecks, the treasure diving part was just something my doctor ordered to help me destress after work.

@KateZilla I just got it - tow truck drivers. lol

@Surfpirate I would have done that a lifetime ago..


Are you looking for a tug boat pilot? Those are fairly rare.

I knew one before he died.

@NothinnXpreVails When I was in the Navy I was on a resupply ship. We had pulled into many ports to take on stores. If we got a new pilot to take us in it was always a mystery if they would put us on a sand bar. Had seen some rather bad standings of oil tankers from New pilots.

@azzow2 I’m sure. People don’t seem to strive for excellence in their professional lives.


What is a wrecker driver?

Tow truck driver

Thank you.

@LiterateHiker they’re still wreckers, though lol


what do you want wrecked 🙂 hope you don't need towed now 😟

Nah, my car got towed. I was wondering how tow drivers justify to themselves the act of stealing others’ cars.

@NothinnXpreVails we almost got towed once and had to pay the truck jusr for showing up

@btroje they are a particular level of low.

@NothinnXpreVails I once left my car in the drop off zone at the airport in Calgary, taking my kids back from a visitation over the summer. By the time I paid for the cab to the wreckers yard and paid the towing it only amounted to $12 more than if I had left it valet parking.

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