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666 it referred in the "New Testament" as "the number of the monster," and became known in the subsequent period, the number of Antichrist, (i don't believe) .. Some religions indicate that certain numbers have certain connotations, A number may have scientific significance, (Numbers made for mind) .... Before I think of the monster that will come out, in the end of the world ... I must think on the day that i will come out, from this world


Wasn't the actual number 999 or something like that (or 616) and it just got lost in interpretation?


When I got 666 followers on Twitter I knew I had finally attained my life's goal.


(one of my phone numbers adds up to 666. I love pointing that out to sanctimonious believers who ask for my number.)


Is it the number "of a man" or is it "the number of man?" In no way is it "the devil's number" and most likely that time in history has already passed. Writings were often disguised for a reason. Just because the book called Revelation was picked as an end book for the bible (and it almost did not make it) does not mean certain events simply have to "play out" as written in that muddled mess. If I'm wrong then expect Jesus in the sky riding a white horse and his army will be with him. Jesus also has tattoos on his thighs. I suppose he got these in heaven after he went back.


If a thing is bullshit you don’t need to analyze it to deeply unless you want to know what the bull ate.



I always just thought it was for keeping 665 from running into 667 and causing a traffic jam.


All I know, I've been lucky enough to get 666 in my license plate at least once. Used to drive a mean Camaro with was cool as hell


Interesting article and great to publicize the idea further. But as can be seen from the date of the article, the idea that has been around for a while, preceding the Numberphile video. Nero has been proposed for both the 666 and 616 values for the number of the beast.

Numberphile (linked to in the article above) does have several interesting maths videos.

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