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LINK EU Votes Down 'Disastrous' Copyright Proposal Aimed at Transforming Internet Into Virtual 'Censorship Machine'

Protest and pressure has dissuaded EU bureaucrats from rolling out their planned Internet censorship trojan horse. There is no room for complacency.

Ellatynemouth 8 July 9

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At least we still have Europe!


Thought you guys voted out of the EU. Now of you would leave the UN you would be on the right track.

Care to expand on that?

@Flettie ok I just feel every country should be independent. Get rid of EU, UN, NATO, and the like.

You're right. It's a slow process and the Conservative government is dragging its heels. The ruling class wants to remain in the EU. It's why the media is so angry with Brexit voters.

@LeonBarfield strange.. so you'd advocate the dissolution of the US as well?

@Flettie yes 50 individual countries. I'm anti fed

@LeonBarfield do you not see anywhere, where some shared resources or services could garner an advantage for all?

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