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Natural Women

Is it weird that I like women as they are? No make-up. No shaving legs. No weave. I'm very hygienic but other stuff don't matter. I can't stand women in dresses and love to see them in t-shirts and shoes being active. Many men laugh at my taste. I like what I like but am I being too critical of women who plaster makeup on?0

MrChange 7 July 9

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it's okay to like what you like. also, you might be being a bit critical. a lot of women use makeup because they've been brought up to believe they should, others truly like the way it looks.

it's okay not to be in to it, though, you are attracted to what you are attracted to, they ain't here to please you and you ain't here to please them.


Not weird at all. You like what you like. Just don't try to get a woman to change into your preference.

Totally agree


I like natural women. The blow up kind are constantly in need of repair, and people stare when you take them out on the town.


I'm apparently in the minority of women here. I shave, trim and pluck where needed - head to toe. I color my hair, get manicures and pedicures, and I wear makeup to work, to family/friend gatherings, and to go "out." No implants, no hair extensions, and a tomboy at heart who rarely wears dresses.

We all like what we like -- in ourselves and in others. No harm, no foul -- and also I can't think of a benefit to being critical of those who don't fit our appearance ideals, can you?

Just because I like what I like doesnt mean I dislike others who do. I'm not demeaning anyone.

@chris26plus My last sentence was sort of a thought/reply to this:

" I like what I like but am I being too critical of women who plaster makeup on?"

I thought I made it very clear where I stand on your general question when I said "We all like what we like -- in ourselves and in others. No harm, no foul..."

I essentially agreed that there is nothing wrong with you. Maybe not clearly enough. ?

@BlueWave I apologize. I misunderstood. Thank you for your comment.


Seems like you'd have no shortage of women like that to choose from?

A lot of women do this i think to "celebrate" themselves. Oh the time & care we used to take getting ready for the club! Crazy eye shadow, heels.... I know my fondness for safety orange lipstick bothered my future husband, I found out. Lucky for us both he didn't let that get in the way of our relationship.

Actually it's the opposite. I don't meet a lot of girLs because of my conflicting lifestyle. Lol. I love to go to the club and dance. I don't drink tho. I love playing basketball. No girls there. I need to get out more but honestly I don't know where to start. I have some friends who are girls but they refuse to help me meet another girl because they think I deserve better than the girls they know. Bottom line. I do need to open my horizons but I'm much more into intellectual girls. I can't find those at the grocery store. Lol.

@chris26plus You don't have to drink to hit a dance club my dear!

Most of my social life history has been centered around music oriented endeavors, seeing bands, even by myself. Now it's dogs. lol
You could even find a "wing woman" this way. 🙂

Looking at your profile you've got a wide range of musical tastes. Get yourself out there.

@Qualia thanks I'll try.


sounds good to me


Also prefer the no makeup "natural" look. Depends on the dress. Some of the newer fashion billowy skirts can go quite well with the natural look, IMO>


Like what YOU like, and try not to concern yourself with other's preferences. There's some for everyone !


Hmmmmmm very different. I enjoy a person who takes pride in their person.

Since when does being yourself and wearing a T-shirt and activity shoes mean that someone doesn't take pride in their appearance ?

@evergreen i accept that as taking pride. Not taking a shower or bath frequently is a lack of pride.

@Marine agreed - but no one mentioned anything about not being clean


I tend to think it’s weird to be attracted to gobs of make up and fake tits.


No. Just no.


My partner prefers no make up, which is good because that's how I present myself 99% of the time.
I also don't shave. I'm a mammal and I do not care one bit what others think.

I like myself just as I am.

My focus is on gaining knowledge and maturity, not attention or friends.

As for being attracted to this type of person, I can see the appeal. There's just less that you have to guess at when a person presents themselves simply and with little fuss.

I prefer simplicity and clarity, when possible.



I like a person to be and look healthy, the need for fakeup disappears... that includes mental health... happy people are better looking🙂


Well ... define "plaster it on". I think the clown-like overly made-up look of some older women is pretty out of touch and screams "not self-aware and possibly quite vain and/or in denial" pretty loudly. I personally prefer very understated makeup, or no makeup. But I wouldn't automatically judge moderate makeup, particularly if she actually knows how to apply it tastefully and in an age-appropriate way (not all women do).

As a side benefit, if a woman on average wears less make up, she's less apt to be late getting ready for social occasions or just to go out of the house 😉

My wife is a minimalist in this regard but has been thinking about doing a bit more makeup at least for formal purposes ... so she paid her stylist for a makeup lesson so she was sure she'd do it "right" or at least as well as possible. Also she recognizes she would wear different makeup at her age than she did 20+ years ago and she wanted some input on that.

My wife is no tomboy but she seldom wears a skirt and I have told her I'd like to see her in one once in awhile. She has great legs, after all. However she hates shaving them, which she'd have to do to wear a skirt ... so I don't press her on it. She doesn't exist to constantly gratify every aspect of my tastes in female appearance. She's a person. Also ... I've never been comfortable with the asymmetry between the amount of time a man typically has to spend on grooming vs women, and I'm all for reducing that disparity.

Thank you for your comment. I need to take that perspective. I'm not against makeup. I'm just more attracted to girls with little to no makeup on.


I stopped wearing face makeup in warm weather. Everyone is different.

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