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I voted for Duckworth.
That said, I wish the Dems. would first and foremost stop using the word "socialism." It does nothing to help their cause and probably scares voters away because they don't know what Democratic Socialism is.
Push the Repubs as far left as possible then back off a little and they'll feel as though they won something.


But the media won't report that. It's the same in the UK. The people want socialism back. How it used to be.

Instead we are supposed to be grateful for fake careerist politicians whose only goal is to line their pockets. People are angry.


This is so true and saddens me. The divide is vast.


Conservatives have been destroying it for the last 40 years ,and before anyone says labour did a ten year stint Blair was a Tory pretending to be labiur

Simon1 Level 7 July 10, 2018

Totally agree. Margaret Thatcher even called Tony Blair her greatest achievement, which says it all.


People keep repeating that Democrats don't have a plan. They don't know what they want. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is I believe, giving us a plan that we can win with but the old school are having none of it. Maybe it is time for change for the left.

gearl Level 7 July 9, 2018

I sure hope so! Or the right time to truly grow a third party.

She might just be another careerist who lets people down. She'll have to prove herself.


It's not socialism in the Russian sense. It's more like socialism in a European sense. In other words, it's a balance of free market and socialised services. It works pretty well. There is no pretence like in Soviet Russia or Communist China that the system is idyllic. There is always tension between the money-makers and the government that wants their money to provide services free to the public.

In a sense, though, surely socialism in America is a matter of degree. Aren't state and federal taxes (in fact, any taxation) a socialist way of financing utilities. So maybe the argument is really about how far to extend socialist practice, and not whether to bring these practices into the system as a new thing.

Police, fire services, public schools, social security; all forms of s socialism, technically. Right?

It's Democratic Socialism as opposed to Socialism. The working class is still being exploited, but it's not as brutal. There is some compassion and civilization.

This is really what Bernie's stance was. Improve the tax codes to benefit everyone, not the rich.


Hope here for Bernie supporters, it seems. But, without a cooperative Congress, could he ever get anything done should he somehow become POTUS?


Democratic socialism sounds like a dream state.

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