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G'Day, Kia ora, and welcome, new members!

The membership base of the site appears to be growing rapidly. As a new member, you could perhaps find it a little intimidating at first; especially as some of us are really getting to 'know' each other, and that often comes across in our interactions.

So I just want to encourage you to just dive on in and get involved!

New voices and opinions are always appreciated. So please don't just limit yourself to the odd Comment or Reply.

Please take the opportunity to create new Posts, pose new Questions, or share a Link.

Enjoy your time here in this true community of free-thinking non-believers. 🙂

Kreig 7 Jan 4

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Intimidation has never worked on me, and if you are new and need help with bullies, hit me up for help, everyone needs to be able to find their way, without being scared by low brow, unintelligible haters.


I'm very happy to have joined, great member's, stimulating discussions and open mindedness is a breathe of fresh air. Its a rare internet gem this sight. I welcome all new here. Its also very encouraging to see the increasing Kiwi contingent 🙂


All are welcome......except Trolls!


Nice welcome @Kreig. Eight weeks ago I was a newbie. Today I'm a super member! Please everyone don't feel intimidated like I did. We truly are a freethinker community.


Kia ora bro 😉

Sacha Level 7 Jan 4, 2018

Excellent post and I couldn't agree more! Welcome newb...newcomers! We don't bite...much!

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