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LINK Dean Foods to close Illinois dairy plant!

Breaking! America's largest dairy company Dean Foods, closes its Illinois facility. The human body has NO NEED for milk from another species.

"The facility is one of several Dean Foods plants to close this year. In its 2017 annual investors report, the company attributed shutting down plants to decreased dairy consumption trends and a highly competitive industry."

By SkotlandSkye
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I’m sure nothing good comes out of large commercial plant, but for a moment imagine what will replace it — some artificial formula?
Definitely won’t be on my list

Antidronefreeman Level 8 July 11, 2018

Grow up and be weaned from breast milk.

@SkotlandSkye I've tried a few substitutes lately. Not even close to cow's milk. And oddly more expensive, like meat substitutes.

@bingst Corporate welfare....end the handouts to cow exploitation farms and the breast milk they sell would be unaffordable. Anyone who has researched the dairy industry and their lies knows that taxpayers are robbed to keep the price of milk low. The dairy council and the dead body industries spent billions to keep you, the consumer, in the dark and to keep buying out government officials to keep the handouts coming. If you hate corporate welfare, greed, and government handouts, you need to investigate for yourself the lies you are being fed by the industries that enslave and murder our fellow Earthlings.

"Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Buy some butter or a block of cheese, and you are getting fooled twice.

First, the price tags on these products are lies. They would be a whole lot higher if the government hadn’t already paid part of the price before the package even reached a grocery store cooler. Shoppers might not put as many dairy products in their carts if they had to pay the true price when they got to the register.

Second, shoppers in fact do pay the true price; they just don’t know it. Every year the government hands dairy farmers – and the farmers that produce food for dairy cows – money for nothing. Dairy consumers think they’re getting good deals at the register only because they already paid the hidden part of the price in their checks to the IRS."


@SkotlandSkye I think it's somewhat more complex. I'm aware that soybean and almond industries are subsidized. Also, from the reporting I've heard, that almond growers get a huge amount of water, which is effectively a kind of subsidy. Add to this that the SNAP program amounts to a trickle-up subsidy.

And to make this even more complex, none of this takes into account exactly what the profit margins are on these products. An objective full spectrum analysis would include cost and price comparisons, including indirect "hidden" costs, such as to environmental effects. Based on what little I've heard in the news, I'm sure that even the milk substitute industry has problems if analyzed on its own, without comparison to the traditional dairy industry.

Clearly, I'm open to the substitutes, as I've been trying them. I've tried and often do get meat substitutes as well. But until the prices in the stores drop and the substitutes get closer to the real thing, I don't see the real things going away anytime soon.

@bingst so your argument for paying people to exploit animals is that you can't be happy with water if you can't afford plant-based milks? There is always the alternative of making your own juices....and drinking tea, coffee, even soda waters....kombucha...etc. I can go weeks without using any of the plant milks...and I don't starve or drop dead. It's all a matter of deciding NOT to buy into a system that imprisons, enslaves, exploits, and murders sentient beings.

@bingst It's easy to stop participating in the exploitation. You just have to decide that you are no longer going to be part of it.


Decreased dairy consumption!

Count_Viceroy Level 7 July 11, 2018

I hope this is really true.

Tofuqueen Level 5 July 11, 2018

Closing the Louisville plant in September.

BBliberty Level 4 July 11, 2018

The human body has NO NEED for anything from any specific specie of plant or animal.

indirect76 Level 7 July 11, 2018

I don't know... I need my steaks made out of cows... keep the milk, I do coffee black and no cereal in over a year... steaks I do! I need! I want!


Too blunt to say that way
Before that silly formula was introduced, my younger brother grew up sucking raw cow milk 🥛 from bottle as my moms breast stopped generating milk after several weeks — so go figure when you only exposed to governmental nonsense in the news and their miserable scriptures



@SkotlandSkye it’s not milk from these poor creatures. I mentioned COWs that took joy while human milked them petting it’s nipples with wrists gently

@Morganfreeman of course they enjoyed it....they were MISSING their child! For a moment it felt to them like they had their child with them. FACT: cows only produce milk because they had a calf...but their calves are taken from them so that humans can steal the milk. Male calves are murdered as babies for "veal" and females follow their mums into a life of slavery, rape, and having their children stolen from them too.

@SkotlandSkye when my family had 2 cows, they were happy with us and giving us milk. If you don’t know how domestic animals live, you cannot judge what is or not cruelty to animals and which animals

@Morganfreeman I grew up on a dairy farm. I was in 4-H and FFA. It is precisely because I grew up on farms and around farmers that I am Vegan. I saw the abuse and exploitation first hand. When I was 13, my dad sold my best friend to the slaughterhouse. My friend, who trusted me, died alone and terrified at the hands of humans and was chopped into bits to be eaten. There are, literally, tens of thousands of videos online showing animals being abused by farm workers. Just because you want to make excuses for the continued enslavement and exploitation of our fellow Earthlings doesn't mean that others aren't aware of the truth.


@SkotlandSkye domestic cows are different from wild buffalos and their survival solely depends on us.
Bare that in mind
Very often when mother is out of milk, mothers with milk used to help feeding or cows help infant — no vegan solutions there at all. What’s been established for generations past faaaar tough to challenge. Check mate!


Religion has been established for generations past faaaar tough to challenge. Check mate!

(see how idiotic you sound??)

An "appeal to tradition" is a logical fallacy and can't be used in an educated argument.

Also *bear, not "bare".

Also, there is a herd of Texas Longhorns that are "wild" in a wildlife refuge near me. They are JUST FINE without humans....AND they live naturally up to 34 years (just like horses can). ALL dairy cows are dead by the age of 7.

Stop enslaving my friends.


@SkotlandSkye domestic animals had been established before mass religion far far before
Has nothing to do with it

@Morganfreeman -- you are so brainwashed. I hope that someday, you can break free from the conditioning to believe the lies that you have been force fed since you were born.

Stop paying people to imprison, enslave, exploit, and murder my friends.


@Morganfreeman The animals are not here for humans. Just because humans enslave them doesn't make it moral or right.

@SkotlandSkye nothing wrong if cows affected to humans
Affection isn’t slavery — it’s happiness
Nothing wrong when chicken, sheeps, donkeys, bunnies, horses are affected to humans
Nothing wrong if my domestic parrot pet opens me bottle of beer
Do you know domestic animals are affected to us?
Trash your fake farming experience
U know 0-1

So then, all those animals you list get to live out their natural lives with their families doing what they want when they want? Their freedom and lives are in no one dictated by human overlords?

In the past, people owned other people....nothing wrong with that either, right?

You are so ignorant. Go ahead, keep supporting the death camps and prisons. Keep in mind though, to the animals, you are nothing more than a Nazi.


@Morganfreeman Only perverts, psychos, and asshats support the death industries once they know the truth....and you have been told the truth. You can never "unknow" it.

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