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What's everyone listening to right now?

Motley Crue - Without You

-and other power ballads (my favorite kind of music)

VelociraptorRemy 6 July 11

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Motley Crue is hardly music. LA hair band


Those fricking wind chimes banging metal. They are gone for the week, so I have to ENJOY it for them. They should be illegal. White trash invasive junk.


Local sports talk radio.


Duke Special's Hallow album. It's a collection of the Northern Irish poet Michael Longley's poems turned into songs.


My oscillating fan.


My neighbour's radio ?

I take it their music taste clashes with yours.


I prefer peace and quiet. Or my own music.

If I win the lottery I'll buy a detached cottage in the countryside.


My wife nagging me relentlessly....


Today: Ho99o9, The Exploited, Corrosion of Conformity, Frijid Pink, Spooky Tooth

I've been out of the metal scene for a while so I'm not sure who most of those are, but I remember back in the day I really liked one CoC song.....don't remember what it was though.

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