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LINK ‘If England gets beaten, so will she’ – the link between World Cup and violence explained

Sorry for posting this but in the current gender equality conversation this needs to be addressed.

By Lukian
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American football season experiences similar issues.

silverotter11 Level 8 July 12, 2018

no doubt


Drunken football hooligans seem tobe the UK's primary export. And given their proclivity to riot even when they win, this article is not surprising,just sad. Since media outlets have shown women getting as violent and drunk as their male counterparts,I wonder if there is an uptick of abused males as well. Or perhaps the drunk women tend to be with the drunk males and they just pound on each other? And this is not whataboutism, guys beating on women are scum.

RonWilliam53 Level 6 July 12, 2018

Ladies, get out that cast iron frying pan & Use it on these dickwads!

AnneWimsey Level 8 July 12, 2018

I knew about the football hooligans, but I had no idea about the increased rate of spousal abuse. The explanations given in the article make sense given what I do know. It is a shame that stoicism and responsibility are not a bigger part of the modern view of masculinity. Running around causing chaos or hurting those you care about are not what a proper alpha male would do: a healthy sense of masculinity is one that brings order to chaos and is disciplined. I’m not a fan of the term toxic masculinity, but I’d say in this case it definitely does apply.

Wavefunction Level 5 July 12, 2018

You'd think that humans would have a better instinct for picking the true alphas males out of the pack. Ostricizing the loud, bloviating, obnoxious beta, gamma and delta males who are desperately attempting to masquerade as alphas doesn't seem to be something we're very good at anymore.

In the animal kingdom, the beta, gamma and deltas who attempt to display power through uncontrolled agression and loud, obnoxious behavior are put back in their place quickly or they are unceremoniously removed from the group by any means neccessary. Conversely, humans have been known to put these false alphas in to positions of great power.

Human females, whom one would think would possess an extra keen sense towards separating true alpha males from the pack, seem to be the most susceptible. How often does one see a woman with a beta, gamma or delta male that uses violence and other aggressive behaviors in an attempt to mask their lack of ability to demonstrate true leadership.

Or, take a look at the last presidential election results and see how many women voted for a false alpha male like Donald Trump.

@webbew1 Well I think for the most part people in general do a good job in pairing up with people who aren’t abusive even if they aren’t a good match for a romantic relationship. Sometimes abusers can be clever enough to lure unsuspecting victims into their trap with a false sense of comfort. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to manipulate people though some are more resistant to this type of deception than others. It is unfortunate though.

@webbew1 what are these alpha beta gamma males? Is this scientific sounding bullshit again? Or is it some new form of radiation emitted by males? 🤔


An alpha is just what it sounds like.

An alpha is individual with natural leadership skills who maintains control of themselves and their environment at all times. An alpha is individual who is capable of motivating and organizing large groups of people to work towards a positive outcome.

Prime examples of alphas: Joan of Arc, Bill Belicheck, Angela Merkel, Barack Obama, Cleopatra, Winston Churchill, Indira Ghandi, Queen Victoria, Steve Jobs.....

Prime examples of betas: Napolean Bonaparte, Donald Trump, Ferdinand Marcos, Benito Mussolini..... And any other wanna be who uses fear and division to maintain power.

The rest of us lowly souls are just gammas and deltas.


@webbew1 could you please provide a reference? How did you come up with this list? Indira Gandhi is considered to be a dictator by a lot of people in India. Don't know much about Churchill, but would he be great with out the world war? He was a racist who justified British inaction during famines in India, claiming it to be natural selection or something like that. His record in first world War is not great either. I presume other names in your list could similarly be disputed. Depending on your own perceptions you could call anyone an alpha beta whatever.
My point is that human societies are much more complicated than small wolf packs from where the idea of an alpha male comes.

@Spongebob I would contend that an alpha is one who embodies desirable male traits such as self-discipline, maintaining order, stoic, wise, responsible, etc. these are by no means unique to men nor an exhaustive list, but I brought it up in the context of a male ideal because modern notions of masculinity seem to lack at least some of these qualities and opt instead for rabid unhinged chaos. At least it seems to be the case when one reads about football hooligans who beat their spouse or partner because their team lost.



What he said. Couldn't have stated it better myself.

@webbew1 Yes but what Spongebob said was that your list was entirely subjective. No one person is totally noble or totally dominant of all groups. A CEO might be the alpha at work but struggle in social situations because he can't make small talk. The alpha captain of a football team might be quite shy at work. Put Barak Obama in a Thai prison and not understanding the language and culture he would find himself 'omega' (if that is a category). I think we should confine the terms 'alpha' 'beta' etc to the lesser primate kingdom or wolf packs as mentioned above. Humans are far more complex.


Any woman who gets involved with some guy who beats her up over something as inconsequential as a football match needs to seriously reassess the type of men she's choosing to become involved with. She either needs to realize that these types of relationships are exactly what she wishes to manifest in her life and live with the results of the choices she has made, or she needs to start picking better quality men.

webbew1 Level 7 July 12, 2018

I understand why you'd say this. Just wanted to shed some light.

I've not been involved with anyone who hit me. Not sure I'm the type who would attract that type of guy. Let's just say I've never met a jar I couldn't open myself. I used to feel as you do.

However, this doesn't happen right away. These guys are often nice and charming at first. Usually a strong emotional attachment forms before this kind of thing happens. The abuse starts in ways that make a woman feel insecure, until she is reliant on her abuser for love and validation. It's "abused woman syndrome."

When I was quite young I became involved with a man who was wonderful to me. Later in our relationship he confessed that he'd spent time in jail for beating a former girlfriend. I could see he had issues with his temper but never in a way that was threatening to me. I was very much in love with him, so, had it ever resorted to physical abuse, it would
have been very difficult to say goodbye ...

Especially since I would have been the one who killed him.


A good rule of thumb to go by: Watch how they behave around others. Most abusers and manipulators will be nice to you until you are hooked in to the relationship through kids or finances for obvious reasons. He has no such obligations to others, and his true colors will be more likely to show through early on.

If he's cruel to the waiter, run in the other direction as fast as you can.

@Athena like this phrase: Let's just say I've never met a jar I couldn't open myself.
I think that is a fair assessment of the dynamics in this type of relationship.


Quite often this happens over and over again. The guy takes his feeling of being let down by his team out on his partner. I suppose it is some form of transferral rage. But we must try to get these women to get out and stay out from these abusuve relationships because the next time his team loses could be the time she loses her life.

Marionville Level 9 July 12, 2018

Never cared for the sport, never beaten a woman... proud of not giving a flying fuck about the only real football on earth. But those into it... enjoy. Just not my religion.

GipsyOfNewSpain Level 8 July 12, 2018

Sports were created to allow people a civilized outlet for human aggression, and victory over others, during times of peace (when there was no war).

Sports are a euphemism for war.

This article is extremely disturbing, but not surprising, when watching sports fans saves you a trip to the zoo.

Athena Level 7 July 12, 2018

Its horrible.

Amisja Level 8 July 12, 2018
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