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LINK Former secretary of state Kerry says Trump is ‘destroying our reputation in the world’

“Enough. This isn’t good for the United States and there are people across the aisle — as the Senate vote yesterday clearly showed — who know it and need to say it.”

By MrLink
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Trump's trip to Belgium, England and Scotland have shown that the populace there are pretty riled with the way he's treated their leaders, his lies and his general lack of decorum. This demonstration of their discontent is whether they agree with their leaders or not.

Openthinker Level 4 July 15, 2018

Trump stinks, so does and did Kerry.

Bobby9 Level 7 July 15, 2018

John Kerry is an idiot and needs to shut up. He was one of those who made the terrible deal with Iran giving them over 400 billion dollars so he has no room to talk about anything.

Trajan61 Level 8 July 14, 2018

You mean that deal with actual parameters and whatnot, unlike Trumplethinskin's debacle in North Korea, and the money Iran was owed, yes?

You're every bit as bad as the 'libs' you're always crying about.


His assessment of NATO and his praise for Putin very suspect. Very evident he has no concept of foreign policy. NATO commited to increasing its spending especially after the annexation of Crimeria and the assault on the Ukraine. So for him to be hyping up Putin is crazy.

Outsideit67 Level 6 July 12, 2018

Piano maestro Carla Bley was ashamed to be an American far long before Trump

So is it only Trump or not only or not at all still quite hypothetical
I don’t support neither Trump or any speculation on truth — ANY

Antidronefreeman Level 8 July 12, 2018

TRUE, sadly 100% true.

AnneWimsey Level 8 July 12, 2018

Does Kerry not know that the Republcans have all taken a vow of Omerta! Just like the mafia they have closed ranks. Mr,Link has kindly explained down below what I mean !! I just assumed everyone would know without having to consult the dictionary!

Marionville Level 9 July 12, 2018

Omertà /oʊˈmɛərtə/ (Italian pronunciation: [omerˈta]) is a code of honor that places importance on silence, non-cooperation with authorities, and non-interference in the illegal actions of others. It originated and remains common in Southern Italy, where banditry or brigandage and Mafia-type criminal organizations (like the Cosa Nostra) are strong.

That is basically what this looks like.

@Marionville him saving people time from searching the term is not mansplaining.
Everyone doesn't know omerta and had u gave a small explanation this wouldn't have been neccessary. Mansplaining is a made up term to silence men and is sexist as hell. Everyone clarifies things so that all have full understanding, even women. If someone said quit womansplaining the feminist nut jobs would go insane and prob poor red paint all over everything while wearing a pussy hat. This kind of rhetoric is why 80% of women are not feminists.

@jorj I must think that people are more intelligent than they are then. I assume that most people on this site will know the term omertà forgive me for that assumption. The mansplaining term was tongue in cheek, and as far as I am concerned I have no desire to silence men. I don’t understand the reference to red paint and pussy hat but I have a feeling they are a put down. You have a lot of rage there but don’t take it out on me. By the way do you have a comment to make regarding the point of this post or did you just want to have a go at me ?


I did not know the term. When I looked it up I thought - what a great addition to my vocabulary! I wanted to share the intricacy of that definition. Its poignant. Thank you!


The reputation we had was in dire need of destruction. We're not going to be weak-knee'd suckers any more.

The country was in political and economic chaos under the Obama/Clinton regime. We dumped them and things are better practically over night.

The Democrats still embrace them (while whining and throwing tantrums) and their party remains in political and economic chaos.

Go figure.... 😆

Silver1wun Level 7 July 12, 2018

Actually, the US enjoyed the greatest economic growth in its history under Clinton. Then we had the greatest economic meltdown since in 80 years under Bush II, followed by a Lazarus-like recovery under Obama. The crash of '08 cannot be attributed solely any one President, however. That was due to the weakening of Glass-Steagall under Reagan, Bush I, and even Clinton. New protections (Dodd-Frank) were put in place under Obama, and those have largely been repealed under Trump. So the next meltdown - and make no mistake; it will come - could be even worse than the last one. That will be on Trump and his Republican toadies in Congress.

I find it difficult to understand why Republicans ignore the reality of what is happening in the world.

@Silver1wun -- Alternative facts will net you nothing. The Trump administration is still riding the momentum of the upward swing begun under the 'regime' you mentioned. It remains to be seen what effect the current administration has actually had on the economy, but I can tell you that with what has been happening recently, the picture is bleak. We can but hope for the best.

I understand the original fervor for potential change, but I don't understand the continuing fervor after some experience with this man. Suppose you explain that to us.


Kerry needs to shit his hypocritical double standard ass up. I see him talk about the enemy of Russia now but where was his worry when we sold them uranium or when Obama made fun of repubs for being concerned about Russia. It's a shame Americans can't remember anything farther back than a couple of days and are to lazy to actually be informed n this stuff. That is the only reason these criminals stay in power. Russia is just an enemy if the repubs are dealing with them I guess. People like Kerry are just as much scum as any republican out there, even as much scum as Trump is.

jorj Level 8 July 12, 2018

> when we sold them uranium

You know that's false, right?



It is useless to try and persuade Trumps followers with facts.

@chilehead9 I didn't say anything about Hillary selling anything so try gain. Under the Obama admin we sold Russia uranium. Your links even say we sold 20% to Russia. All u show here is that Hillary wasn't doing a quid pro quo.

@PaulMack13 I'm not a Trumper but thanks for assumimg. Truth isn20% of uranium was sold to Russia under the Obama admin whether Hillary did a quid pro quo or not so it is actually u Hillbots that need to get informed.


Here are the facts actually.

@jorj If you read the link YOU provided thoroughly, you'd see that the Russian mining company bought a majority interest in an American mining company that holds 20% of the known uranium deposits in the US, but only 5.9% of domestic uranium production.

“Please be assured that no Uranium One, Inc.-produced uranium has been shipped directly to Russia and the U.S. Government has not authorized any country to re-transfer U.S. uranium to Russia,”

So the Russians are helping us mine our own uranium to use against them, and they get none of it.

@chilehead9 thus proving when democrats deal with Russia it is hunky doory but if a republican does it's OMG....treason....end of democracy....WW3.


I like pizza

goldenvalleyguy Level 8 July 12, 2018


@Storybook ...portabello mushrooms, red onions, and spinach....no meat, no politics.....


He is

Sclem113 Level 4 July 12, 2018

Yet, George Bush II saying that "God told me to invade Iraq" was not a lesser thing?

gsiamne Level 7 July 12, 2018

Wasn't that what the Manchurian candidate was supposed to do? Throw a spanner in democracy's gearbox?

Flyingsaucesir Level 7 July 12, 2018
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