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For those who've reverted back to atheism...

Do you have any religious tattoos you now regret?

Alimacbean 7 July 12

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Tattoos are against my religion and my atheism


In the Jewish faith where I was raised, you're actually not allowed to get tattooed. So a religious tattoo in my family doesn't exist.


๐Ÿ˜€ A Christian tattoo is an oxymoron. Tats are prohibited in the Buy-bull. Lev. 19: 28.

And yet it happens... so weird...?

@Alimacbean Yeah theyre only interested in enforcing leviticusโ€™ witchcraft and homosexuality laws. Jesusโ€™ grace means the rest doesnt apply to them ?


I've never gotten ANY tat's. Something I am proud of actually.

Never messed with my skin or my hair (well, aside from haircuts).

Mb_Man Level 7 July 12, 2018

Same here.


Never had a tat. I have commitment issues.....


I was saved by tattoos by joining the Jehovah's Witnesses. They looked on tattoos and cropped haircuts as the behaviour of the Canaanites so despised by the Israelites.


I do. It's a 9 pointed star that the Bahai's use and it's already a cover up of a small cross. I'm letting it fade as much as possible before I get that covered too. I also have ALLAH in Arabic on the top of both feet... They have got to go... And a medicine wheel on my pinky finger... Young people should not be allowed to get tattoos.


I was lucky. I was born and raised as being an Atheist or what ever one might call it.
I had also had the fortunate time of being in a School system that did not bow to religion, so I was tought the Scientific method, and critical thinking. as far as tattoes go,I have never come to a settlement of what to get inked. I Change wrat I love and respect way too make a design that would forever be something that I would show something that I may or not believe in.

Lucky you on the upbringing!


one of my ex's left one of these in my flat, so I suppose it counts as a holy holdover

Oh cute, I want one.

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