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Respecting movies that are musicals

My friend claims to love musicals but when I asked about the sound of music there was no response. Am I in the right to faint when I heard that response? How could you not know about the sound of music?

MrChange 7 July 13

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The quickest way I know to get me to quit watching a movie is to start singing



I like that movie, but only because it's nostalgic for me.

I dislike musicals and if someone starts singing during a movie, I cringe.


Generally speaking I agree, but A Chorus Line, as a musical about making a musical breaks the fourth wall enough that I don't mind. And A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is just hilarious.

@Paul4747 Obviously I've avoided seeing those and cannot give an opinion.
I will choose to trust you on this one.


Maybe his family have Nazis in the closet?

Like hostages or something?

@Paul4747 Yes, and clothes.


Not everyone likes that movie. But I suspect he was just trying to impress you by making that claim. Maybe he saw one once, and liked it.



I hate musicals but I don't see how anyone could not know Sound of Music

Whew! I'm glad I'm not alone.


Maybe just hates that movie. I could understand that. Or possibly is diabetic and has to avoid it, due to the high sugar/saccharine content?



Oh wow what is he 10 years old LOL


26th Most popular musical movie on IMDB
Behind plenty I haven't heard of.


I think he is making false claims, probably just wants you to like him. Looks like you need to educate him!

Lol. Please note: my friend is a girl. Guys are able to who have friends that are girls without a relationship.

@chris26plus I never thought about the gender much when I replied and you didn’t indicate either way. Of course you can have friends of either sex, I do. I am even more surprised that it is a girl who hasn’t heard of Sound of Music!

@Marionville Exactly. I purposely hid the gender. I almost thought my profile said I am searching for men. Lol. Maybe I need to change my profile I'm not mad at your response because you are not the only one who assumed it was a man. Thank you for your response.

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