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Fun article on onions and why they burn your eyes.
Did not know the smell is not what causes the irritation.


Myah 6 Jan 6

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You can chill the onion in the freezer for a couple of minutes. Onions in the frig sometimes makes everything smell like onions which also makes it taste like onions. Also when you cut them move the cutting board away from your body so the fumes don't raise right into your eyes.


They can burn it you light them on fire too, especially if they have ethanol on them. Chewing gum while slicing onions can help. Remember to use the entire onion and not to fridge it because bacteria will infest in it in 1 day.


I have found refrigerating the onion stops the tearing. The coldness keeps the chemicals from spreading.


put swimming goggles on lol


Technical ifyou don't have a scientific mind.


Onions have acid in them, right? I thought that was why they burned your eyes.

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